Thursday, September 3, 2015

Hilarious Deductive Interpretation

This is what I term as hilarious, decuctive interpretation by the media. May be I'm right, may be not. Heaven only knows. God bless my people !

New Delhi, Dated 2nd September, 2015
The Hon’ble Prime Minister,          
Government of India

Subject: Request for immediate intervention on the atrocities perpetrated on the tribal people in Manipur.

Hon’ble Sir,

The Manipur Tribals Forum, Delhi like to bring the following facts for your kind perusal and necessary action.

1.  That, on 31 August, 2015, the Manipur Assembly passed three bills following sustained protests in the Manipur valley districts demanding the implementation of Inner Line Permit (ILP) system for the State. The three bills, taken together, will directly undermine the existing safeguards for the tribal ‘hill areas’ regarding land-ownership and population influx as the primary threat for the tribal people comes not from outside the state but the valley Meitei people itself. The tribal people have made their opposition to the Meitei demands clear. But, the tribal people were never consulted by the ‘Joint Committee’ which have been spearheading the demands, nor the Manipur Government which accepts them. The tribal MLAs in the Assembly, fearing for their lives, dare not oppose the Bills when the Bills were introduced and passed in the Assembly.

2. That, the Hill Areas Committee (HAC), comprising of all tribal MLAs, which was set up under Article 371C of the Constitution to protect tribal interests and whose concurrence is mandatory for all legislation affecting tribal areas, was summarily brushed aside.

3. That, this instance has sparked off a strong opposition from all the tribal people of Manipur across the state. It flared up emotion into violent reaction against their representative tribal MLAs. The state government, instead of explaining the contents of the amendment and pacifying the agitators used its naked forces to suppress the tribals causing widespread atrocities, untold miseries, and uncontrolled human rights violation across the hills.

4. That, the brutal reaction of the state forces against the peaceful mass agitation has caused the loss of precious lives of eight people and several number of the agitators were left with serious injury. In a clear case of daylight repression the state forces used real bullets to disperse the protesters. Your Honour might have seen various reports in the national media and social media networks testifying to the brutality of the state forces in dealing with the situation.

5. That, the incident of passing the Bill and its brutal suppression of the tribal agitators, State Government has shown its real intention to grab the lands of the tribal people which has been so far protected by the Constitution of India. It also shows a clear case of the present Ibobi government’s incompetency to govern the state.

We, the Manipur Tribals Forum, Delhi, therefore demand from the Government of India:

i). To immediately impose President’s Rule in Manipur

ii). To punish those state security forces involved in the brutal killing of the agitators.

iii). To immediately withdraw the Manipur Police commandos from all tribal areas and if need be, deploy central forces.

iv). Restoration of all villages transferred to valley district to their original hill districts.

v). To expeditiously act on the demands for ‘separate administration’ for the tribal areas of Manipur. This is a proof, if any more are needed, that the hill tribals and the plain Meiteis cannot live together under one administration.

Yours Sincerely,

On behalf of the Manipur Tribals Forum, Delhi

The Hindu Editorial dated 3.9.2015 stated:-

The crisis in Manipur stems from the demand to stop ‘outsiders’ from buying land in the State, in a context where the local population, predominantly the Meiteis, harbours fears of being marginalised. The valley constitutes only 10 per cent of the State’s geographical area and Meiteis constitute about 50 per cent of the population there. The long-standing demand has been to introduce a system similar to the Inner Line Permit (ILP) in other northeastern States, or some similar stipulation, to stop in-migration. But for this to be effective, the State needs to identify the ‘outsiders’ first. But that is a complex issue anywhere in the northeastern region as the borders are largely porous and the Government of India has not done enough to check the passage of people across them. One reason this was not done was to protect the state’s own interest: for a long time now, a section of the immigrants have been engaged to counter local insurgent groups. But as the demand for an ILP escalated, a cut-off year of 1951 was determined in the new Bills passed on Monday in order to identify outsiders. However, one of them, the Protection of Manipur People’s Bill, and two amendments, have been opposed by the tribal organisations, which claim control of the Manipur Hill districts. These are chiefly groups of Kukis, Mizos and Chins. They feel insecure as many of them who came to Manipur after 1951 or whose lineage may not meet the list of criteria set out in the Bills, could now be legally identified as ‘outsiders.’ Many of them also believe a rumour that the two amendments would be valid in the Manipur Hills districts, which is untrue.

The issues might not have escalated had the State government consulted the Hill Areas Committee before passing the Bills in order to clear any misunderstanding. Neither the organisation that had led the pro-ILP movement nor any of the tribal organisations was approached for any kind of dialogue. The pro-ILP movement was mostly confined to the Valley districts, while the people in the Hills isolated themselves, assuming and arguing that they were protected from outsiders under existing laws. As the tensions grew in the absence of dialogue, political groups added fuel to the fire to try and topple the Congress-led government and invite President’s Rule. Hence, it is not any genuine fear of becoming marginalised but realpolitik that is playing out in the hills of Manipur. But from any perspective, this is a dangerous portent for all the northeastern States. The Centre and the State need to come forward quickly to engage the people and figure out a solution to the crisis in order that it won’t go out of control.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

job in lok sabha secretariat

I left Army Headquarters to join as assistant on 30.10.1998 in AN-I Branch of Lok Sabha Secratariat. On the 24th November, 1998, I was posted in the Departmentally related Standing Committee on Food, Consumer Affairs and Public Distribution. From there I was moved on to the Question Branch during the Month of September, 2002. There I got promoted as Senior Executive Assistant and subsequently as Executive Officer 

Monday, July 6, 2015

leave account

Table of Leave in the credit of officers/staff of Group-C
Name and designation
CL in credit as on
CH in credit as on
2RH's used on
BD Dhyani US
4 on 7.7.2015

Rajpal Singh EO
5 as on 7.7.2015

Mili Dinesh SEA
7 as on 7.7.2015
6 as on 7.7.2015

Lal Engzauve SEA
2 as on 7.7.2015
9 as on 7.7.2015

Madhu Kanaujia SEA
6 as on 7.7.2015
8 as on 7.7.2015

Vineeta Sachdeva SEA
6 as on 7.7.2015
4 as on 7.7.2015

Vijay Kumar SEA
6 as on 7.7.2015
3 as on 7.7.2015
DS Rawat SEA
4 as on 7.7.2015
5 as on 7.7.2015

Saurabh Prakash EA
1 as on 7.7.2015
1 as on 25.6.2015

Sunil Sr Clerk
6 as on 7.7.2015
9 as on 7.7.2015

Sanjay Kumar Sr Clerk
5 as on 7.7.2015
2 as on 7.7.2015

Aarti Sr Clerk
6 as on 7.7.2015
8 as on 7.7.2015

AR Ansari Sr Clerk
6 as on 7.7.2015
13 as on 7.7.2015

Sohit Kr Sharma Jr Clerk
4.5 as on 7.7.2015
2 as on 7.7.2015

Rinku Attdt Gr II
5 as on 7.7.2015
4 as on 7.7.2015

Sagar Singh Jr Clerk
7 as on 7.7.2015
2 as on 7.7.2015

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

tsp dated 29.11.2011

LOK SABHA SECRETARIAT PARLIAMENTHOUSEANNEXE, NEWDELHI-110001. Dated the 29th December,2011 Pausa 08, 1933(Saka). OFFICEORDERPART·II No. 22458 Subject: Time Scale Placement to the pay band of Rs. 15600·39100 (PB·3) + Grade Pay Rs.5400. The following Senior Executive/Legislative/Committee/Protocol Assistants in the pay band of Rs. 9300·34800(PB·2) + Grade Pay Rs.4800are placed in the Pay Band of Rs. 15600·39100(PB·3) + Grade Pay Rs.5400with effect from 29.12.2011under the Time Scale Placement Scheme introduced vide R&CSOrder No. PDA·1240/2011dated 04.05.2011:· SI.No. Name 1. Smt. Vinod Kumari Khurana 2. Smt. Manju Rawat 3. Shri Rakesh Kumar Khanna 4. Shri Jose L. Thawn Khan Lian 5. Shri Kh. Ginlal Chung 6. Shri Gulshan Kumar 7. Shri Uttam Chandra Ray 8. Shri Dong Lianthang Tonsing 9. Shri Ani! Kumar Sanwaria 10. Shri Nagendra Suman 11. Shri Lutkhongam Singson 12. Smt. Naresh Kumari 13. Smt. Lakhbir Kaur 14. Smt. Anussuyya U.B.S.NEGI DIRECTOR -2- No.PF.337-R(3)/AN-1I2011 Datedthe 29th December,2011 Pausa08, 1933(Saka). Copyto: 1. ThePayand Accounts Officer, Lok Sabha. 2. The DGACR,Concurrent Audit (P)Branch. 3. Principal Secretaryto Hon'ble Speaker. 4. PrivateSecretaryto Hon'ble Speaker. 5. OSDto Hon'ble Speaker. 6. SPSto Secretary-General. 7. JD(PSS)/PS/SPAto AdditionalSecretaries. 8. JD (PSS)/SPSs/PSs/SPAs/PAsto Joint Secretaries. 9. All Officers/All Branches. 10. Persons concerned. They should note that consequent on their Time Scale Placement, they will be entitled to financial benefits of pay fixation as in the case of normal promotion. No further financial benefits will accrue to them, if they get actual promotion in the normal course on occurrence of the vacancy(ies). They are also required to exercise option for fixation of pay in terms of R&CS Order No. PA-358189dated 09.11.1989read with R&CS Order No. PA-46112008dated 04.09.2008,R&CS Order No. PA-46312008dated 27.10.2008and R&CS Order No. PA-47012009 dated 20.04.2009 within one month from the date of issue of this Order. (SANJAY SETHI) UNDERSECRETARY

Friday, June 19, 2015

Sermon of Rev. (retired) Thanglian on 6.6.2015

At 4.00 pm Rev. (retired) Thanglian took the dais at EBCC Delhi. The septuagenarian had been on stage two times in the past. His delayed homeward journey was God's way of communicating His will to him. He spoke about the vanity of Christian deeds not based on the love of Jesus Christ. He took the case of a seething elder in the Church whose contribution in the construction of the Church building was not sufficiently acknowledged, said the Church ought to be an organism and not a social organization. In contrast to apostle Paul's affection for the Church of Philippi, the Church of Corinthians were said to have been notorious for their lack of the Love of Christ and ultimately their arrogance.

Paul was put in judicial custody in an unfair manner on flimsy charges.  The charges stemmed from an intramural religious debate.

EBC Church like the Corinthians, is not rooted in the love of Christ. Delhi is witness to cases of live-in relationships. The spiritual highs and harmonious music of praise, the prophecy, mysteries and knowledge and the faith strong enough to remove mountains, are nothing in the absence of love as stated in 1 Corinthians 13:2.

That a Church's platform has come under much abuse is pointed out by the retired reverend by highlighting the possibility or tendency of young boys or girls joining choruses just because of their someone special joining.

There was spiritual revival in Wales (England) in 1904-05 which is no more in the modern time with a good number of Church Buildings being abandoned. It is found that materialism; hero worship; and laymen's power wielding tendency, cause the decadence in Christianity. The speaker wondered whether the attitude of indifference to one another could have been the by-product of such apostasy in the contemporary Church. Even in in Kamkatung Church, on an average only 1000 parishioners attend the Church services against the total population of 4000. 

Monday, June 15, 2015

Honoring Grand Dads and Moms at 11.00 am and 4.00 pm 31 May, 2015 at EBCC Church, Delhi

When God gives years of life He has a purpose. He wants man to testify to His faithfulness. David, a King of Israel, had been young, been old, yet never seen the righteous or their children begging for bread (Proverbs 37:25). The author of the book of Hebrews exhorted the Christians to keep their lives from greed for God never leaves nor forsakes His children.
God has a promise of strength (Isaiah 46:4); wisdom (Job 12:12); and honour (Proverbs 23:22).
The Bible has chronicled an instance of a 15 year extension of the life of Hezekiah through prayer as in 2 Kings 20:5&6.
The ideal Christian stance of an aged man and woman is drawn from the words of David in Proverbs 71:18 that says, " Even when I am old and gray, do not forsake me, my God, till I declare your power to the next generation.
The literal honouring of the Grand dads and grand moms took place at 4.00 pm. Out of the 15 aged people expected, 11 were able to make it to the 4 pm service arranged for the 65 plus Church members. They shared their testimony and perspectives of life.
1.            Upa Biakvel (75)- father-in-law of Upa Thangkhosiam, is from a Presbyterian background responded to the honour with soft voice. He had set out from Mimbung village for medical treatment, never thought that he would need to proceed from Aizawl to Delhi on March 4, 2015. He attended every Church service (of EBCC Delhi) during his stay. In spite of his feeble qualification, he had been anointed elder/upa by the Church in the year 1994. He considered the day's honour as God's plan in his life.
2.            As for Chingnu Ngaihte w/o Upa B. Langkham the honour conferred by the Church's governing board is a precursor of the honour beckoning her in Heaven. She'd been through much difficult times conceiving, delivering and raising children. She was emotional about the period between the years 1985 and 1988 which according to her was a period of perforation scare threatening a possible surgery in her body. She prayed along with a pastor and two friends. She had experienced many miracles. Over her prayer for granting 50 years of life, she had just turned 65 !! That testifies to God's love and grace shown to her. Living apart from her husband due to his work demands, she made the best use of her time. In fact she is instrumental in the relentless publication and circulation of Ruth Messenger and got various books written in English published in vernacular language.
She had trespassed God's command many a times which got overlooked by God as many times. Her spiritual life is aptly summed up by Lun Thomte's gospel song, 'Jesu Nang vang in', the chorus of which loosely translated goes like this-
How great is the love of My Lord, His love for a sinner like me so deep and high, condemned to die, yet His love, Suffered Him death upon the Cross for me.
3.            Pastor retired Thanglian f/o Linda T. Pauli, is leaving Delhi for Manipur in a short while. Hopes that he'd be heading heavenwards therefrom. For 21 years his father had served the Lord. He read his father's biographies. He heard a call- won't you continue the legacy, which he responded in a positive way. He warned Christians about the danger of joining the ministry without full baked commitment. The strength to challenge the sheep/parishioners with the attitude of , '... me and my household will serve the Lord' as found in Joshua 24:15 is of utmost necessity.
The self taught, Government school educated man was sent to Mualnuam village for a paltry pay of INR 40/- per month wherein  he happened to cause the wrath of the village chief's cabinet. Consequently he was summoned by Dorcas Hall (the headquarters of the Church) located in Lamka and advised to ignore social work and concentrate only on his teaching job. From being a teacher he was sent for a full time ministry. At the height of his service as a pastor, he looked after 29 villages from his station at Songtal and later sobered down to a single parish of Lamkatung. God saved so many lost souls through him.
The retired Pastor said that transfer and postings within the Church should be understood as God's dispensation. Even with a questionable fluency in Mizo language he served at Aizawl as local pastor post retirement 2004. He never regret his commitment in life. It had always been his maxim that " whatsoever ye do, work heartily, as unto the Lord and not unto men". He warned about the tendency to doubt the genuineness of the Holy Bible in a modern society which underscores the need of good and highly educated people in the Ministry.
4.            Donzaching m/o Chingkhojam was short and crisp in acknowledging the good work done by God through the Church. She sang, 'Lord I'll hold your hand and walk with you without murmuring'
5.            Upa Daizapau f/o Biaka of Safdarjung Enclave, was emotional over how he'd utilize his remaining years. He counseled that one should always surrender one's life to the Almighty God.
6.            Khamkhochiin m/o Mami, came from the tough life of Bukpi village. She was overjoyed to be honoured by the Church.
7.            Thangmuan Khuptong f/o Thuamzalal exclaimed Ebenezer! In fact he was hardly educated but always attended the Church as a child. He still remembered some of the Church elders say that the offering collected on sundays was for the heathen (gammial).
7.            V. Dongzathang IRS (retired) f/o L/Upa Vumlunmang, saying that the best appetizer is hunger, reminds the congregation in lighter veins, about the tea and snacks awaiting. He was proud of his 65+ year, claimed that age is something no one can extort from you. Heroes are remembered with epitaphs. In making one such epitaph, the artists and relatives of the expired recalled an instance wherein the man was spotted sitting in the front row of the Church. The 65+ also related a story about an illiterate man who was fired from his job in the Church and went on to become a cigarette tycoon. Asked what would he have been had he been educated, the cigarette tycoon replied that he would be a Church janitor!
8.            Upa Chalau, f/o Mungte, thanked God and the Church's governing board (TBSUC) for the honour given to him.
9.            Upa B. Langkham prayed the previous night so that he wouldn't sound boring at the honouring ceremony. He was still delirious about the fact that that the revival in Wales (UK) happened to infect Manipur hills through Mizoram, an undeniable evidence that God had chosen the tribe of Paite, who, unlike other scheduled tribes, are hardly represented in any legislative body. Even at the moment of such a poor show in law making platforms, generations of useful officers are dotting the  administrative offices of Indian Government. One of the most successful doctors in the country, he still remembered his extremely precarious health condition while being in high school. So he was in a why me Lord? mode as he intensively praised God. He winded up his speech with a counsel that every one ought to receive the love of God. Nothing else matters !
Pastor V. Nenglian announced that: 
1.            In class X and XII the following had inadvertently been left out in the Gamchiam vol XVII/No. 05 dated May 31, 2015: Ms Manthianhoih d/o Thianzalal; and Hau Joseph s/o Thangsiam.
2.            BYF Summer Retreat at Sattal is being organised from 24 to 27 June, 2015 where 3 buses are likely to be deployed
3.            Wedding Ceremony scheduled to take place at EBCC Hebron Church, New Lamka on 21 June, 2015, every one invited.
4.            BSI Certificate was handed over to Vanlallian Valte at 11 am worship service
Brochure 2015 (hard copy)may be obtained
5.            His family outing from June 4-23 to visit Gawahati and Shillong
By- Lianpu Tonsing
i/c, Media Team

Pentecost Day Sermon EBCC Delhi 24.5.2015 11 am and 4 pm

The significance of the Pentecost Day, the 50th day from the resurrection of Jesus, one of the five important festivals of the Jews is the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in the believers. Some groups of the evangelicals generally accept that baptism by the Holy Spirit is necessary, but not as a pre-requisite.
Spiritual Gifts
 There are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit; differences of ministries, but the same Lord; diversities of activities, but the same God who works all in all.  But the manifestation of the Spirit is given to each one for the profit of all:  for to one is given the word of wisdom through the Spirit, to another the word of knowledge through the same Spirit, to another faith by the same Spirit, to another gifts of healings by the same Spirit,  to another the working of miracles, to another prophecy, to another discerning of spirits, to another different kinds of tongues, to another the interpretation of tongues.  But one and the same Spirit works all these things, distributing to each one individually as He wills.
1 Corinthians 12:1-11 gives hints about how to identify the real spirit from that which is not real. In fact, many people accepted that Jesus is an extraordinary person, but not all believe that He is a messiah.
The Gift of the Pentecost Day is permanent. The Holy Spirit make the believers work through that gift. Speaking in tongues is no doubt, a great spiritual phenomenon, yet when one is not filled with the spirit such power becomes redundant.
Peter in his sermon, said, "In order to get forgiveness of sin, repent and be baptized in Jesus' name"  That baptism is viewed as a ceremonial ritual by the evangelicals, which is administered on being a disciple, but not on being born again.
As found in the book of Saint John, Jesus did not come to condemn but to save the world. In the same vein Joyce Meyer says that faith is much more the gift of God than the condition for salvation. Being able to believe is the gift of God, which is naturally accompanied with the art of discerning spirits.
Purpose of the spiritual gifts
There is the biblical mandate to serve one another so that 'you may be qualified to live like the real saints'; and in order to love others, believers are given the gift of the Holy Spirit i.e. to equip to be mature in the likeness of Jesus.
The conditions
Paul in his second epistle, has reminded Timothy about the need to fan into flame the gift of God that is in him. One need to be full of the spirit and walk hand in hand with God.
Exhorting the Romans torender humble service in the body of Christ, the Apostle Paul said, "For by the grace given me I say to every one of you: Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought to, but rather think of yourself with sober judgment, in accordance with the faith God has distributed to each of you. Therefore when God has given spiritual gift one should not make it ineffective by one's attitude.
Talent is either hereditary or is attained through fellowship with God. God, in certain cases patronizes the latent talent of the person which happens when the person surrenders the same to Him, and in other cases, sidelines it and equip the believer with an all together new set of talent.
Next Sunday Programme
9.30     am    Bible Study
11.00   am    sermon from Pastor Biakson
4.00     pm   sermon from any one

By- L/Upa Lianpu Tonsing
i/c, Media Team