Tuesday, January 16, 2018


1. room booking for 20 n 21 february, 2018 for JS approval
2. AAR
3. minutes of sitting on 12.1.2018
4. Data on Tour bill settlement since 1.4.2017

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

White lies

Came from vasant vihar thana, one month's leave for kim, reached office in 11.00 am.
Dshna said to send last year's Dfg lop to dir for correction after showing to US, who opined that it should first be corrected. Dshna denied having said that.

Put up critical analysis amidst discussion of report on price rise of essential commodities, some lacunae pointed out.

Tour bill out of sight.

Room booking, reporters and interpreters addressed, reminder notice got approved and translated.

Welcome address already prepared for 11.1.2018 sitting, identified for correction of date for 12.1.2018, placed on prti's table.

Monday, January 8, 2018



I am aware of the plastering work of tarmac of the back alleys of the colony in pocket 7, sector-12, Dwarka, New Delhi. But I am not aware about when the same would cover the back alleys of my residence.
On the morning of saturday, the 6th january, 2018 I heard the sound of men at work. I came to know that the men reached the vicinity of my tanky. I rushed down and to ensure that the inpipe to my ground tanky was as elevated as possible. But doing what I could with my bare hands was all that I could. Let alone the tanky, I was not able to even lift the motor.
I also came to learn that it had been notified that by payment of a consideration, a resident may get pipes removed and pedestals constructed to have one's tanky elevated.
I have been paying my dues regularly. Is this what I deserve in return ?


Put up statement of work transacted during 13th session of 16th lok sabha and resume of work done during the month of december, 2017 physically and through FTS.
Drafted the critical analysis of minister's statement on the 16th report on Dfg (2017-18) of d/o consumer affairs.
Drafted letter for FCI lucknow highlighting the weaknesses of the bill of tour in oct 2015
Air asia flight for 29.1.2018 booked
Your NEFT of Rs 12,300.00 with UTR SBIN718008292880 DTD 08/01/18 credited to Beneficiary AC NO. XXXXXXXXXX0752 at HDFC0002269 on 08/01/18 at 01:24 PM.
Met hiralal during lunch and tyagi at the fruit seller's

Friday, January 5, 2018


Dir to US and bg: tour bills be settled in january
Eportal put up
Immovable property retur filed
First OM for dfg dofpd put up
Person from Legislative Branch came asking for copies of report on CPA bill 2015. No English copies available. Only a copy each of H n E handed over, English version printed out from intranet and sent for resography to D Br
Corrected first OM relating to d/o CA got printed out


 Fresh note related to instance of oral evidence cancelled due to lack of quorum apperantly prepared and put up in my absence, and info, furnished

With regard to first OM on DFG, erroneously an unlikely day of Saturday was quoted as date for furnishing of material by the doca pointed out, but to no avail, "let it be"


Office copies of OM on 18 n 19 ATRs and of meeting for 11.1.2018. Handed files on tour bill udaipur and pending tour bill statement to US. Call received from dfa. Call from dir for US and bg. Mhndr procured attndnce register and note sheets from WG br.
Told Mahndr to bring oc of notice.
File on instance of oral evidence related meeting cancelled due to lack of quorum, put up- instance on 17.2.2017 during examination of dfg.
'What an achievement !'said US to Prt.
Sitting postponed for 12.1.2018, OM n notice issued.
Dshna to meet js on CPA bill report