Sunday, December 4, 2016

the aged sycophants

oc of OM dated 29.11.2016 forwarding 12th report on comp of tpds received from D-Branch at 10.30 AM

Friday, December 2, 2016

the final round

A blabbering AD called for a Prashant, Assistant to rescue. Turned out that the Asst sent copy of the statement to be presented on 6.12.2016 in the House. The right document received through e-mail linked to the draft for approval of HC put up at 3.15 PM

Vital info:- notice for sitting issued atleast 7 days in advance

Thursday, December 1, 2016

The revised one

Revised ATR sent to AD along with drafts and previous notes and orders.

Two entries sent to Committee Coordination Cell- resume for the month of November and info uploaded in e-portal by the Committee Branch.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

copy of OM

copy of the forwarding letter of AT replies to the 11th report sent under OM N-13/10/2016-P&C dated 22 August, 2016 sought from telephone number 011-23382525 at 12.30 PM. Said concerned person would be intimated for appropriate action

Called 5055 - 4343 - 8882834812 (Shahenshah) to integrate EliteDesk Computer with the printer. Said would send engineer at 4.22 PM.

the barger

Electronic payment option made available in canteen, coffee/tea boards and rail ticket booking counters from today.

draft ATR for translation sent.

Mooty noted as if an order is not carried out, wants a self contained note for approval of HC. Forwarding letter of AT replies on 11th report not available, music too loud, director from across (dfa) barged in, banged the steel almirah, sat with his back against me and asked my full name. bg disappeared from branch between 3.30 to 5 pm without intimation. Said that's for tea.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

sending of report

copy of 12th report sent to d/o f&pd for action, may say about 5 days late !

printing not yet clear notwithstanding revised mailing list for circulation of parliamentary reports dated 25.11.2016

coordination cell- info be put up on 1.12.2016

Thursday, November 24, 2016

comparative sizes of currency notes

INR 100/- INR 2000/- USD 1/- and INR 500/- in that order

security office numbers 4568, 4569, 4480, 4484, Left my car in office overnight. Had to intimate 4079 Shri Pushpender JD, Security, verbally and in writing, had to park in lower basement. Quoted PMs visit, about release of SRI published book on the occasion of Constitution Day celebration, to PHA. another officer not spoken to - AD Rautela 4012