Friday, March 16, 2018

Progressive settlement of tour bill

Obtained key to room from chabiwala at 9.58 am from Amit.

Call from US at 10.00 am, wouldn't come to office due to health reasons.

Preeti called at 10.15 am, would take another 10 minutes to reach office.

Called harish at 10.20 am asking him to send vivek. He said that attendance register be sent as and when Mhndr, attandent comes.

Returned the key at 10.46 am to Amit.

3.40 pm Mhndr and bg walked out of the branch and bg came back at 5 pm.

3.47 pm Dshna too walked out.

Called AD to inform about US's inability to attend office die to health reasons. He told to settle tour bills progressively. It could even lead to serious problems like suspension from service, that there is no bills pending in WEC.

Dshna opined that tour bill of Lucknow 2015 is too complex and that it would be in the fitness of thing that I see file on Madurai April, 2017.

Files on tour in April, 2017 asked for from Dir's for info about tour as actually performed.

Also call received from Dir's that tour bills be settled immediately by 23.3.2017 and work plans by 31st May and that by 31st August be worked out.

Vivek came at 5.45 pm with a bunch of files he gave to bg and a letter he placed on US's table.

I left office at 6 pm

Thursday, March 15, 2018


Printing order

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Office copies

Office copies of letters/OM sent to doca on 23.5.2017 and 1.1.2018 on the subject of "Price Rise of Essential Commodities" not received from D-Branch.

Imitation of products

Manufacturer should be held responsible to ensure absence of imitation/cloning of products- para 3.14 of 9th

Random notings

BIS has manpower problem paras 9.3 and 9.4 of 9th report(2009-10); conducts awareness campaign itself without relying on regular activities of doca, paras 7.8 and 7.9; people don't come fforward dur to less initiative being given on hallmarking, para 4.8; assessment of performance para 4.9; and no proposal to set up hallmarking centre by govt or bis itself, para 3.13.

Saturday, March 10, 2018


Reached office at 8 'o clock. US came later. Asked whether attendence register to be sent to Dir. Said if call comes. He left room and then came the call came from Dir barking why attendence register not sent till now. Said US had come. But you are incharge of it, that all, even those that gave intimation be crossed in red. Same done and personally went through first floor canteen where US took tea.
Dir sat with a sr assisstant from MS Branch. He asked me where is your US. He is in canteen, shall I call him. No.
Copies brought back from D Branch of 21st report in Hindi happened to be that of External Affairs'.
3 copies each of English and Hindi made ready with appendices, two to be sent to Department and one for Printing Branch. Action taken report forwarding letter/OM not yet approved.
Circular from software unit says one who dont come on holidays declared as working days to intimate through email to them the leave detail, reason for leave, period and address during leave period

9.3.2018 Presentation Veer and Bhola Singhs

Presentation by Bhola Singh and Veer Singh in LS and RS respectively.
US feeling viral and left early. Call came from attendents of JS and Dir that all should reach office at 8 and attendence register be sent to Dir. Matter intimated to bg and Mhnder. US also told telephonically, he answered from bed.