Wednesday, November 15, 2017

I realized that I still remember

I call one customer care after another. Sometimes due to not being able to pay gas bill online, sometimes due to not getting IT certificates/Prov/Final & Retail Loan statement.
The executive tutored me to open and click 'go easy access (IT Certificates/Prov/Final) & Retail Loan Statement) in the lower side of the home page, feed the customer id and then the relevant loan account number.
Therefore I realized that I still remember.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

content page

Call from as certain paramjeet kaur of translation branch at 11 am, who wants hindi version of 19th ATR for preparation of Hindi version of the content. They said concerned persons being on leave, they could not trace the file from their computer. I asked for person to collect same, got copy taken out and handed over to Om Singh, who went out in the corridor to take call mid way in between making photocopy of the report. Amar, editor is another person spoken to. They insisted that they could not locate the file in the computer due to leave taken by the concerned persons

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

just to keep in mind

Children still in school had no white pages to offer, just pages torn off from exercise note books did the record with pens varying in thickness and colour in accordance with the ones used at the time of making entries.

There was pay fixation, I knew but account transfer was yet to be effected. I left Delhi to meet my ailing mother. Once in Lamka, I felt the need of a septic toilet-cum-bathroom. In the meantime the arrears were in my account. In an age of atm cards. Its so easy to spend. And I used the money to get an all together new unit incurring not less than INR 60000/-

That was way back in 2011 (or was it 2012?)

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

passive stance

The establishment of the D/o CA is a way to get justice served to consumers. Through the BIS and NTH, the Government assures quality and through Legal Metrology Division of the Department, it assures quantity. From the Department, there is a corpus of fund under CWF to be released to voluntary consumer organisations of repute for their works on consumer protection. Even the responsibility of activating the network of justice delivery system lies on the State Governments concerned. So the very establishment is anything but 'pro-active' i.e. getting the work done

Monday, September 25, 2017

performance in 2016

Black Money and Unuploaded Questions - May
Indices of Admitted Questions - June
LoP for CGA - September

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

who would write my probation report

There was a time my probation report was mired in controversy as to who would write my probation report for the second year

(1)          Suryanarayanan AD came to Q-Branch, E-Group on 11 July, 2016. Currently posted in Com on Finance 9818110299, 157, PHA

(2)          Arvind Sharma AD left Q-Branch on 8 August, 2016. Currently in Coal and Steel, JPC on Security in Parliament Complex   9968073170, 140, PHA Flr 2

(1) He came on 7 July, 2016. There is no record in lok sabha intranet about his departure. On 4.5.2016 one of my Priority Questions was missing from the lot. Next day was the day for completing manuscripts. I called up the AD at extension number 5147 and asked about the question on Duty Free Shops in Airports. He said that there was no such question with him eventhough he remembered coming across such question.
Next day the bunch of Non-Priority question arriving from him contained the question by Sh Sadashiv Lokhande, MP. I was saved !!!
Conclusion - the AD was not a very good one for me.

(2)  I never met him, nor spoken to him. But he was AD incharge of E-Group of Question Branch, atleast for a time during intersession period. Lok Sabha intranet has no record about his coming. He departed on 8 August, 2016. On 21.7.2016 my wife was ill. I telephoned the DS that I wouldn't be able to attend office. Next day the DS wrote that awoken him from deep sleep and my not coming to office was termed by him as dereliction, wants explanation in writing. AD sent the file to EO incharge, who in turn told me about the same. I was scarred !!! In fact I was not given the chance to reply and talk about my side of the story. Soon after he was removed from Question Branch.
Conclusion - He done the service to the Branch with good faith. Still he was not good either.

However (1) really worked with the branch during the session period.

Therefor (1) was the right person to see my probation report

Another AD, Ramesh Lal too had been in Q-Branch and was relieved on 21 October, 2016