Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Around 2.00 pm got an advice to approach AN-I

2.30 pm called 4423. And Mr. Rawat at 5278 told me JM Baisakh not available. Asked to let me know when he is back in his seat.

3.00 pm, approached Sethi, DS who noted down my name and said he'd speak to PC and let me know.

3.30 pm SEA called 4322 for Rajpal Singh relating to weeding out of file. Said would be in office from monday.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

shunted out of Question Branch

AD's role in Question Branch has since been stopped

Informed AK about rumor of a file for transfer of the SEA from Question Branch. He asked me whether I'd be able to handle the work as EO of E-Group. I said with the necessary cooperation I'd be able to. About the prospect of my transfer he told me to meet Director today.

I called up extension number 5278 at 4.15 pm where the telephone operator said that the director would be available after half an hour and that he would intimate me when Director is back in his seat.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

till next week

Spoken to AK, told me to wait till next week for transfer order and in the event of such order not coming I could approach AD or Director

Sunday, October 16, 2016


Called Ramesh Lal (RL), AD over extension number 5625 and consulted about my position. He advised me to talk to AK. AK said that a request has been sent to AN-1 for one more staff, the staff is likely to be given. Once such an arrangement happens I'd be taking supervisory seat apart from VK. Thereafter AK called VK and summoned him to his room.

Monday, October 3, 2016

dreams and realms

Shortcomings of step mother :  Press Release - 30.9.2016

I caught, but others just watch as she lay injured - 2.10.2016

Made me to eat steak prepared from her hubby's flesh, then planned to serve same dishes for my bro and his friend - 13.10.2016

The rear left tyre of my car went flat - 3.11.2016

I was thankful about a Senior Executive Assistant posted in E-Group of Question Branch to assist me on 27.7.2016

I belong to the 1998 batch of executive assistants joining the service on 30.10.1998. First in food committee, then I was posted in question branch in 2004 and had been examining questions on ministry of finance ever since till february, 2015, when I was posted in C Group as Executive Officer (EO).

On 12.2.2016 I was transferred to CB-1 mid- session. 10 days later I was brought back to Q Br on 24.2.2016. I was tasked with the duty to examine questions on finance.

On 21.7.2016 my wife was down with fever. I took her to doctor, dropped back her home asking my neighbours to remind her of the time to take medicine and thereafter I rushed to office due to urgency of the work. I completed the entire manuscript for 29.7.2016. Back home I had to clean the house, wash dish and clothes. Thereafter I called DS to inform about my plan not to attend office the next day. He said 'dek te hai' - we will see.

Next day the DS reprimanded me over mobile phone about the impoliteness of tele-calls at the dead of night. He also told me that no one understood my questions. I couldn't leave my ailing wife in the hands of neighbors anymore.

On 3.8.2016 (Wednesday) Shri Shailendra Priyadarshi E.O. in charge of  E-Group was transferred to Conference Branch.

At 3 pm DS walked in gingerly and asked the assistant posted to assist me about starred question number 298 for 5.8.2016. The question was missing, which I had been trying to find out since the day before.

On 4.8.2016 Vijay Kumar (VK), E.O. swept in with a swagger and asked me about starred question number 298 again. My junior by one year, VK, EO happened to be the one ordained to take charge of E-Group of question branch.

On 19.9.2016 VK told me in the morning about my deployment in CGA Branch as assistant. It was a decision taken by Arun Kumar (AK), US. He wrote in the note that as all assistants/senior assistants were busy with rti work/preparation of index of admitted questions and one clerk was on leave and another was deployed for rti work, shri Dong Lianthang Tonsing, E.O. may be deployed in CGA.

Fortunately for me CGA was preparing to tour some of south Indian locations for which they were busy preparing questionnaires. The DS incharge of CGA offer me such works. So I was spared the humiliation of doing tasks much lower than my rank.

As regards AK, I have a lot of good things to say about him. In fact me and him seemed to have good chemistry. For example whenever I was in need of Rs. 10000/- he happened to carry much more. He'd simply asked me, 'Is that all you need?'.

Also I was given a lot of freedom. I had been with timid officers who'd not cede even a tiny bit of space for my comfort. AK was different.

During the recent time however there is dramatic change in AK's character.

The ruthless and cunning way in which he has been trying to weild absolute power in the branch is known to every one. Which was something even I found myself laughing with a certain level of complicity. Now I have become a victim !

I was hospitalized in September 2014 during which I underwent a major operation in my head due to suspected case of brain tumor. I am still under follow up treatment. If I have a choice I would have opted out of examining questions which is too difficult for me.

I was hoping that a SEA was posted in question branch E-Group, may be he was to replace me. That's why I prepared a semblance of indices of admitted questions and passed it to him to complete the task by reinforcing it with more points in each heading. He left the work undone. He contended that he might have to examine questions on ministry of health.

It's a tradition in question branch that dealing hands prepare indices of admitted questions in respect of ministries they'd looked after during the just concluded session. That is necessary in order to acquaint his/her mind with the questions.

The SEA's blunt refusal gave me an impression that there is a shadowy indistinct force behind it, determined to whip out maximum possible pound of flesh from me.

In fact I'd sent the matter to him long time back at his email. This would enable him to work from any ip address and preserve his work one way or another.

On 3.1.2016 VK who was in charge of the Group, assured me that he'd make the SEA to complete the work. Enter SEA VK said nothing to him.

Next day, 4.10.2016 they started asking me about the indices, and about the hard copies of the replies. I had to start over from the beginning. At last I sent again the same thing once over again to his email.