Wednesday, December 22, 2010

When a Magi Sees No Sign

A Christian website has characterised Herod as-
Herod was a crafty individual with a silver tongue. This type of person is common in every business, government, and church. He or she is someone who is sweet and polite but decaying on the inside. Now that Herod had discovered where the child was to be born, he set the trap.
Even as many a Herods rule the world on a permanent basis, instances of Star shining forth are few and far between. Historians put Christian revivals that happened so far under certain broad categories such as Contents [hide]
1 17th century
2 18th century
2.1 American Colonies
3 19th century
3.1 Britain
3.1.1 Australia
3.2 Scandinavia
3.3 United States 1800–1850
3.4 Europe: Le Réveil
3.5 1850–1900
3.5.1 1857–1860 Revival in America
3.6 Britain and Ireland
4 20th century
4.1 Wales

The ironny is that scholars find it convenient to study revival efforts of missionaries as a component of empire expansion of Contemporary kings and Governments.
Thus the apostle Paul in his second epistle to Timothy has written:
...But continue thou in those things which thou hast learned, and which have been committed to thee: knowing of whom thou hast learned them;

And because from thy infancy thou hast known the holy scriptures, which can instruct thee to salvation, by the faith which is in Christ Jesus.

All scripture, inspired of God, is profitable to teach, to reprove, to correct, to instruct in justice,

That the man of God may be perfect, furnished to every good work

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Blonds and the Biharis

You are witness to the never ending spectre of Biharis milling in every industrial and construction site, every railway station, every city and everywhere across the globe. Even as speculations about possible extinction of people with the beautiful blond hair is making headlines, the population of Bihari speaking people are swelling like the river Kosi in monsoon. It is estimated that the number of Biharis in India alone have crossed a whoopping 82 million as per the 2001 census. Besides the Bihar Industries Association is said to have estimated the number of Biharis outside India at a staggering 20 million, which is almost a quarter of the state’s population.
There is no estimate of the blond population in the world. But the blonds seem to have by nature preferred small family and in certain cases, no child norm. Speculations about extinction of the blonds may not be true. But one thing is clear. The blond’s population lags behind in one crucial aspect-multiplication. Compared with others like the Biharis.
The blonds are naturally beautiful. The world may have millions of efficient, intelligent and able-bodied Asians, Blacks or Hispanic. But a blond is a blond. The only competition comes from another blond.
Ironically the bonds population is not multiplying like others like the Biharis. A stagnant population means that the level of inter-blond competition will either remain stagnant or come down eventually. A time may come when a blond hair is preserved in museums. If you have the nerve, imagine the day when a black man will take the role of a 007 top British Spy in the Hollywood thriller series.
And if such a day comes, your brothers from Bihar may become even more assertive than merely being a bhelpuri seller in Mumbai streets.
Someday you may hear a Bhojpuri accent from some barefooted Bihari lasses in James bond movies. Or some progenies of Shatrugan Sinha might be contesting for the role of the British top spy. After all reports from some British tabloids have never rubbished such a possibility.
And if a Bihari plays a leading role in a James Bond movie, even a Zomi from the far eastern corners of India might as well grab a role in the next movie. Yes there is no dearth of talent and determination against odds like ‘discrimination’. You have world champions in boxing and MMA, which is short for maximum martial arts, if I am not mistaken.
If some day a Zomi MMA champion takes the role of a villain in a bond movie, he is most likely to invite bond to an exotic locale in the banks of Tuivai. A game of cards between heroes from East and the West.
In India, a 90 mm frame with a casino, aclub hall or a bar seldom discounts an item number.
So, you will find a thatched roof hall well adorned with light works of Uptown cable and a bollywood item from a scantily clad punjabi girl descending the illuminated steps with a Chaiya Chaiya remix with toppings in traditional mizo by some Aizawlian.
Then only commences the game. James Bond on the one side and a Zomi kungfu master on the other, eclipsing the rest- a Chinese noodles tycoon, an Arab businessman, mafiosos of Italian or Russian origin, etc. gracing the desk.
The dialogue may easily be like “a putting (not ‘a put’)” if James Bond is a Bihari.
The villain, in deep trouble would be asking, “Exkiuuse mee?”
“Putting, Putting,sunna? you hear?” repeats Bond.
This'd hardly clear the confusion. The Zomi has to ascertain if that’s a put.
“Do you meeen a Put mister Bawwn”. Suddenly Bond'd lost Patience.
And he would say, “Arre same yaar, put ya putting. Mung dekta saala!”

Thus an era of Indian Istyle commences in the world post blond domination.

Monday, September 13, 2010

A Simple Work of Art

Some man feel a sense of class
Focussed in the company of page three people,
On a creation utterly useless and sickening.
Have a knack of appreciating,wasting time,
Objects that seem to have born by mistake,
Asserting their intelligence through vocabulary,
Abstractness as a benchmark for learning.
For them is there no ploughing jobs, nor monsoon woes,
Lives of the giants, a story scripted, they believe,
Is an ideal way, a high yielding crop, to sow,
As long as another loser good-for-nothing ear,
Register them in the network of the conglomerate,
Baptised a fiction to dissipate.
Guaranteed a bumper harvest is, a reputation destroyed,
For they that sweat not and had lost frugal appetites,
Long for a diet perverter than mere vegetables,
Spoons and plates, relics for them have appealed like,
They need pipes and needles, things that suck!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

sweet hitch hiker

That I am not a cab driver, no question there is,
Nor have I plans for a switover of profession.
Reach I the workshop driving my own car,
Never look for passengers to earn side income,
Nor have inclinations to offer lifts,
The good samaritan instict, being an exception.

In a wilderness of office goers jamming the traffic,
Riding a car meant for four, I do play a part.
Then a companion gracing the windscreen, I noticed one day,
My favour,someone that had never earned.
Its warm to have a companion, here ofcourse,
Than not having one living creature at all,
And being all alone.

Amidst plastics, metals and glasses,
Things that don't breath, only respond to commands,
A sense of connection, you do feel,
With a single living being, close by.
Communication unspoken, a peculiar flow,
The atmosphere so calm, pervades.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Un-honored prediction

It could have been the voodoo, peculiar charms, amulets or things like that. Destiny seemed to have been twisted beyond imagination. Something you just can't believe. First you thought that the likely teams of the FIFA WC final match is a forgone conclusion. You just can't think of a squad capable of defeating Brazil before reaching the finals. Similar fate seemed imminent for teams standing in Argentinas way. That was how things appeared at first glance.
It happened one night when you didn't even feel like watching the match that the saffron clad team slotted the jabulani past Barzilian goal keeper. Dunga's boys had to wait for another 4 years to retain the trophy home when the FIFA World Cup is held in their own country. Then there was another shocker. That's when the the fraternity of football lovers all over the world witness the unmatched team spirit and fitness level of the German squad. And you are tempted to believe that it's the German blitzkreig not Maradona's passion against the Dutch team that's on offer Sunday night. It's not, however, over till it's over. And the Spanish Armada was calm and composed just before the start of the second semifinal match. That was Wednesday night. I had predicted a 4-0 win by Germany. As the clock ticks in, I started losing confidence in the Germans. Because if the Germans have a fast-paced style and lethal counter-attacking instincts, coach Vicente Del Bosque's team left not a space for a golf ball to pass let alone a jabulani. And yes my apprehension came true. Germany just couldn't make it into the finals. And worst, the horse I have been bagging for, Mario Gomez was let loose at the fag end of the game.
That's a lost match for the Germans. And that's a manifestation of poor prediction as well.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

World Cup and an MUV

The World Cup Football Extravaganza in South Africa has come about at a time my head was buzzing with vuvuzelas of financial related worries. Huge amounts of money are outstanding against me from my bankers. Being roasted in my hire-purchased, non-ac car, I have been nurturing the dream of owning a compact car since long. The paradox is that if I have Rupees five hundred thousand today, it would be more prudent to pay off my home loan than go for a new car. I am looking forward to sweating inside my old car for some years to come. Suddenly I wanted to get rich.
Lotteries and reality shows benefit a handful of happy-go-lucky middle class families at the cost of the entire patrons. I had never even tried winning a KBC (Indian version of ‘Who Wants to Become a Millionaire’). Draw results of Petroleum Companies have never been made public to petrol customers. May be someone has ever won a car, or may be not. Heaven only knows. I have given up hope of getting fast buck. That’s a long time back.
The FIFA World Cup has once again set me on my feet. On the one hand, it has offered an exciting array of 63 live football matches. On the other hand there is a chance of winning a Mahindra Xylo- Multi Utility Vehicle(MUV). The cost of the MUV may come at around 800 thousand Indian Rupees. All you have to do is complete some formalities in the website , contribute an ad line for the MUV, choose five world cup football players, and count the number of goals scored by your chosen players.
The hype and hoopla of any world cup football is taken by the two favourite teams of South America- Brazil and Argentina.
Germany had performed exceedingly well in their group matches. There was something in me that say, ‘the Germans are unstoppable’. Even the Netherlands had given a good show in their group matches. Indeed even the pre-world cup highlights of the sports TV channel-ESPN had focused heavily on the potential of the Dutch players. But due to the general madness about the South American teams, pervading the media, I ended up picking a perpetual substitute from the German squad and no one else from the entire continent of Europe.
My major picks came from Brazil and Argentina. And I started to look heavenward.
Instead of bagging better horses from more reliable teams of Germany, Netherlands and Spain, I exhausted my quota of five players (horses) with Messi and Higuain (Argentina), Ramires and Robinho (Brazil) and Mario Gomez (some one who seldom showed up in the first line-up of German squad).
Brazil and Argentina were beaten, nay, HUMILIATED! And I have only one horse left to earn me an MUV- a certain mister Mario Gomez from the German squad. And the horse is not very often picked by Joachim Loew to play. The match is being held at midnight of July 7, 2010 (Indian Standard Time). One man carrying the entire weight of an MUV behind him. One man normally benched by the Coach. One man who has not scored a goal in the entire tournament. One man who has earned a yellow and a red.
And I am looking forward to redemption of my financial burden.
May be I believe in miracles.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Gospel Centenary

Even as the politics of the southern Manipur is still in a mess, the 100th anniversary of the arrival of gospel is celebrated in Delhi with optimism. Through tireless efforts of some Khups, a Kap, a Mang, a Lian, a Son and so on and so forth, the level of attendance is overwhelming, the level of ecstasy unprecedented and the Dogra Hall of IIT shone and blazed with the smiling faces of Chairmen, and Pastors of various hues. Naturally, a line from the Old Testament comes to your mind:
When the LORD turned again the captivity of Zion, we were like them that dream.
Then was our mouth filled with laughter, and our tongue with singing: then said they among the heathen, The LORD hath done great things for them.
The LORD hath done great things for us; whereof we are glad.

The southern Manipur is home to the Paites, the Teddim Chins, the Thadous, the Hmars, the Zous, the Vaipheis, the Gangtes, the Simtes, the Suktes, etc. Inspite of shared grievance against encroachment, discrimination and neglect, the tribes are more divided than united. And when the winds of insurgency blew in, some of them fan out in various towns and cities. Delhi is a favourite destination in this regard, where, ofcourse the erstwhile discrimination they used to feel, gives way to insults. Protests in Jantar Mantar yielded little. At last they forged a brotherhood forum in a JNU Hall. That was also a moment of fun and frolic, rather enjoyable to the participants. To that extent the occasion was remembered. Meanwhile inter tribe competition still carried on. Sometimes such competitions transform into rivalry. And matters do turn ugly. Thus the psychological state of brothers who understand each other's language remain the same. Be it in Manipur or in Delhi. And when elders look up to the sky, the 7th May 2010 was approaching. They said, ‘let’s make the best out of Gospel Centenary’
The story goes back to 1910 whence a Welsh Missionary who had tracked his way through the dangerous jungles of India's north-eastern province to an Indo-Burmese border town of Aizawl, made a break through. His name is Watkin Roberts. The missionary stuck gold when the chief of Senvon in Manipur showed interest in the Gospel of John. A team was immediately despatched from Aizawl, the capital of Mizoram. Thereafter the gospel with the royal patronage spread like wild fire in the region. The 7th May, the date when Roberts with the team from Mizoram crossed the Tuivai river on their second visit to the Manipur village has since been celebrated as Missionary Day. If you subtract the number 1910 from 2010 you will get a sum of 100. So A.D. 2010 happens to be the 100th year of the arrival of gospel in the south district of Manipur. In other words the gospel has scored a century!
As part of the celebration the member Churches presented well choreographed dance items with heavy dose of gospel message, choruses and other special numbers from bevies of talented artists. The items were presented with melodious sound tracks with chances of stage clutter reduced to the minimum. There is a general feeling that the artists and ushers possess just about everything in them that goes to make a professional. The superiority of caliber inherent in the tribals had become evident even in occasions in the past like the Siamsinpawlpi (SSPP) conferences. Actually, in terms of aptitude and learning, there is a certain level of self confidence among them, who have one time or another, waded through the chaotic state machinery. But the educated and talented tribals in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and other cities share a common anxiety i.e. the plight of those still trapped in the mayhem of the home state. That is a bondage which may be difficult to be shaken off in years to come. Moreover the constituent tribes have a tendency to uphold and emphasize their respective exclusive traits than the shared outlook and traditions. Paradoxically positive change or improvement through collective effort is the only solution to the problem. Even the status and outlook of them who are lounging in alien lands also call for such a change. Which is not humanly achievable. So for a Government servant, a college student, a pastor or an evangelist life in Manipur or Delhi is a life of perpetual prayer and entreaty:
Turn again our captivity (from disunity), O LORD, as the streams in the south (that Watkin Roberts had crossed hundred years ago, for Love).

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Closure of Complaint No. AT429259204

February 8, 2009. phone intimation about redressal of grievance
February 9, 2009. received an intimation from SBI that my complaint has been attended to.14:23 hours

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Malfunctioning of AT Machine

Necessity is the mother of invention. I invented (sic) a website named some days back! And yesterday, the 3rd February, 2009, I stumbled upon yet another problem that called for lodging a complaint. So I lost no time in invoking the services of the same website, copy of the complaint-
Reduction of Rs. 10,000/- from savings account
At 14:42 hours on Wednesday, Feb/03/2010, I withdrew Rs. 10,000/- with my ATM Card No 6220180370200114863 from the Karol Bagh ATM counter of SBBJ. The withdrawal report showed that I still had a balance of Rs. 11,923/-

Two minutes later at 14:44 hours Feb/03/2010, I attempted to withdraw another Rs. 10,000/-. The ATM screen showed the words, "INSUFFICIENT FUNDS". And the report read: "UNABLE TO PROCESS"

Repeated attempts showed the same result.

Later I came to learn that as per the record with the Machine, WITHDRAWAL of Rs 10,000/- took place not once but TWO TIMES in a row. And that I am left with a balance of Rs. 1923.98.

In view of the aforementioned facts I request that Necessary corrective steps may be taken at the earliest

Cell No. 9810892963
However I haven't cared to mention the transaction number ie TXN. No. : 2094 and ATM ID : S1AN10046601. The same was intimated to a certain Mr. Kishore of SBI call centre through the contact No 9958802211. Mr Kishore assured me that I may check out with a complaint No. AT429259204 if the problem is not sorted out in a week. For best results however, I also sent emails on the same issue at and

Friday, January 1, 2010