Thursday, December 29, 2016

last working day of the year

pr and bg on leave

10.46 am mhndr took note to wg for booking of room no 53 ph wholeday, call from dir at 1.55 pm and revised note (as agreed with jai bhagawan 4406) with revised notice for 9.1.2017 with requisition to D-Branch sent at 4.10 pm.

mhndr came back with a plea: issuing is too late for d-br

vivek came later with the file where dir edited, 'in partial modification of  this sect notice of even number dated 29 december, 2016, the .... to be held on 6 january, 2016 ... postponed...will now be held on ....' :-(
need endorsement page in page two, not raised

5.15 pm, call from dir asking contact number of pa to swami sakshiji maharaj, mp. I don't.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016


file to bg, call from dir, get hindi of atr on 10th by tomorrow (friday), issue notice (english+hindi) for sitting for adoption of both the reports.

booking of room numbers 53 (whole day on 6.1.2017), 61, 62 and 63 in PH comes automatically with tea and snacks, says dir.

circulation target- monday or tuesday

hindi version of notice obtained.

corrected pages of draft atr on 10th report (just approved) sent to dir for n/a

phone lines

10.16 ar sent. 10.30 am, 12.14 pm (after lunch) and 2.38 pm (im sending engineer). 4.00 pm all comps integrated with printer.

copy of request to mtnl for phone lines received.

com on coal and steel on tour presently.

thought of the day:
why is consumer day celebrated on Christmas eve?
paraphrase- the details of each consumer awareness related special occasions observed along with significance thereof.

Monday, December 26, 2016

10.15 am

dir 11.00 am ATR on 10th, tally, memo no. 2. attn reg by 10.15 positively. called 23382525 at 12.50 pm for copy of critical statement on 11th atr as laid in house.

atr on 10th report resolved, statement (5+5) received, resolved hindi atr on 11th report and memo no 3 and 2 received from tr br, annual administrative report latest by 31.1.2017 called, annual inspection of branches by ad and then by js by third week of january, 2017

old ones surrendered

Casual Messenger Dharam Veer appeared at 11.20 am, 4 pcs surrendered to Computer (Hardward) Management Branch 5290 & 5455 (Poonam and Rawat), 2 still in used pcs and a xerox machine despatched to oh nine.

4126 no response, Vishank, Wipro told to install.

Naresh's probation report for ad to see received.
corrected pages of first chapter of atr collected from Chairman's staff for sending to tr branch.

ATR file returned to Chairman's.

A minefull of files deep in a corner. all computers in oh nine installed. notice board and portraits still left in 338. probation report sent through AN-I man coming to obtain sign.
parallel line for existing ext numbr 5709 and one new line with parallel line asked for.

resume of work; quarterly statement; circulation of document on e-portal; journal of parliamentary info; paperless office.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

duty pass

gatecrashed sans rf and id, headed straight to wshrum near dms, 12.00 oclock mhndr off to msa n back, one trip to oh nine. coz 'ey'd need za trolley aftr lunch.
Dshna's CCL from 26.12.2016 to 13.1.2016 sanctioned. 

Monday, December 19, 2016

postal life insurance

23620831 premia of pli, salary deduction facility not extended to police department. 10.39 am
atm at annexe freely dispensing rs. 2000/- notes, no rush.
gursharn kaur to as 11.30 am. spoken to sunita 4407
3 trips to oh nine 5709. phone exchange 5000. 3 ladders in each floor.
copy of ATR on 10th report for translation. Dshna chld cre leave from 26 onwards. birth certificate lacunae. admplidl[at]indiapost[dot]gov[dot]in addressed. email not delivered. wrong address.


trolley from msa be avlble tomorrow. settlemnt submitted for Dir's perusal on return. called 7161 wd check out the availability and condition of media materials (12.30 pm)
statemnt'd come in 2/3 days (expected)- dshna.

Thursday, December 15, 2016


trips to  oh nine. ta/da of chairman for attending meeting 11.11.2016 for preeti's return from leave. msa restricts trolley only for today. phone dead.

dshna called moca for copy of the statement about action taken on 10th and 11th reports laid in house.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Bill and Report

ATR on Food needs correction, settlement be put up when Dir joins. Weeding out initiated by Dshana. Mhndr spoke to ANII to send guys for 2 hours tomorrow, the 15th.
4 cpus, 4 monitors, 4 ups's  identified for return to comp (h&s) branch
JS on leave for next week,, indefinite call to bg.
out pass signed by sec officer and section concerned mandatory

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Cash from Counter

Received Rs. 10,000/- from sbi annexe counter after a long wait in serpentine queu.
Bill settlement put up 11.52 AM
11.50 dfa: "Lian" clear and shrill
3.30 PM - raised issue of shifting. Sorting work a table full pending in new room. Rest be shifted later preferably on coming saturday. spoken to harender AN-II 4421. JS & Dir being on leave, AD's sign would suffice. Mahender would be accompanied by Brijesh.
Bill settlement as edited by AD, got carried out at 5.48 PM.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

long process

RK Chaudhary EO at 11.00 AM: its a long process. The file regarding filing cabinet has been put up

relevant link of the pictorial presentation of the desired drawer

11.25 am the dfa walked in again asked my name.

11.40 team headed to 009 with dshna at the head.

To the extent possible files and documents deemed still relevant segregated and sorted.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

the combined

4404 (11.20 am) to 4406 (11.22 am- narender) to 4408 (11.25 am chhabra) and back to 4404. Chaudhary and Pawan in a meeting. 'call after an hour' from 11.43 am.

5.40 pm: check out tomorrow- DS

filed sent at 11.50 am to AD.

12.18 PA to dfa walked handed over attendance register of the committee sittings during the 15th LS

thought of the day:-

a track by a gospel rock band of the 80s saying, doite nekding kihawmta, Jesu hongpai, nang hong ki nusia ta. demons/ghosts jostle for prey, Jesus had come, and you... are... left behind.

the bills

alps solutions pvt ltd, mundka khasra no. 654/2/2 opposite metro pillar no. 502, delhi-41

4 pm pointed out refreshment sanctioning date to be 9.9.2015 for two bills, diappeared and back at 5.28 PM
4.30 pm dfa walked in, asked the time by when the branch would shift, my name, what I saw in lcd screen and walked behind me.

Darshana on tour bill using her own mobile phone.

AD suggested both the bills be clubbed. Same reframed

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

tour bills

domestic compulsion. issue of tour bill and shifting be pursued
preeti's leave application for 12, 15, 16 & 19 Dec forwarded for sanction

Sunday, December 4, 2016

the aged sycophants

oc of OM dated 29.11.2016 forwarding 12th report on comp of tpds received from D-Branch at 10.30 AM

Friday, December 2, 2016

the final round

A blabbering AD called for a Prashant, Assistant to rescue. Turned out that the Asst sent copy of the statement to be presented on 6.12.2016 in the House. The right document received through e-mail linked to the draft for approval of HC put up at 3.15 PM

Vital info:- notice for sitting issued atleast 7 days in advance

Thursday, December 1, 2016

The revised one

Revised ATR sent to AD along with drafts and previous notes and orders.

Two entries sent to Committee Coordination Cell- resume for the month of November and info uploaded in e-portal by the Committee Branch.