Friday, March 24, 2017

15 interns

recording of file reg. draft critical analysis of the statement made by the minister under direction 73-A on the observations/recommendations contained in the Tenth report of the committee on DFG (2016-17) pertaining to the D/o Food & Public Distribution.

I marked a note from Sri cell regarding 15 interns at the disposal of drscs to dshna, SEA.

Thursday, March 23, 2017


Cmpetent Maya cng man off

10.30 AM 5585 lunch, 10.45 AM icps trg from 27.3.2017 to 10.4.2017
As the canteen is dismantled and lunch is served only in rooms in PHA, I expressed interest in taking lunch in director's room.

I was told to fill up a form for training under icps that requires photo and entry of residence address. When I question, Mr. Wadhwa teased me, 'why not fill up your wife's office address"

While I was with him director called ad and told him of the same.

The training is organized by Ms Swati Palwal, EO and Mr Anunay Kumar SEA as dealing hand.

No. 2857 dt 23.2.2017 for 6839.00; 2825 dt 17.2.2017 for 1260; 3439 dt. 24.1.2017 for 2853.50; and 3590 dt 17.2.2017 for 3292.50 ; 3589 dt 17.2.2017 for 2853.50

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

papers to be laid

metro travl- confided: system of absence of casual messenger dfa not interested

hindi version of 15th report on dfg of dopfd sent for printing

d-br instructed to distribute copies of printed 12th report

lunch ifo uco bank, entry refused at gate number 4

3.30 PM two guys from dofpd with papers to be laid appeared

For binding
1st to 8th reports of 2014-15 to 2015-16 Hindi
1st to 8th reports of 2014-15 to 2015-16 English
9th to 12th reports of 2015-16 Hindi
9th to 12th reports of 2015-16 English 

opd ticket

Monday, March 20, 2017


9.25 AM Mhndr reported sick,
Hindi version of minutes of the sitting on 17.3.2017 at 5.55 PM 

Sunday, March 19, 2017


105: fire control room
Mhndr to D Br, Bg attendance sheet for 17.3.2017 for LS and RS
Call from Chairman's asking for formula. Told about where the same is.
Approved HS note at 11.50 am
Hindi version of Minutes of the meeting on 17.3.2017 at 11.51 am
Bg's application for cs exams at 12.06 PM from AN-II
Fire Testing of entire Building at 12.20 PM
call from coord cell about e-portal 12.35 PM (ph attended by dshna)
new line 21410223 delivered, working, also parallel (already asked in the note) mentioned verbally
Lok Sabha Internship Programme - 2016-17 from SRI 3.00 PM
Circulation of all documents/papers/reports to members in electronic form through e-Portal meant for Members put up 3.11 PM

Friday, March 17, 2017

Adoption and Presentation

13 members attended, note pad gone, report all right-12.35 pm (bg)

Authenticated copies in Hindi and English of the 15th and 16th Reports sent with Entry and Formula to TOs LS and RS at 3.10 PM.

Traditionally Entry along with 4 copies each in English and Hindi of Formula are delivered along with authenticated copies of reports given to Table Offices. Also soft copies transmitted electronically.

However this time, "Hard copy of Entry, not required anymore", said LS and RS Table Offices

Entry Formula file with dshna
Press Release doca file with bg, dfpd with prt
Draft report signed by HC on 16.3.2017 file with bg (5.28 PM)

Monday, March 13, 2017

Dedicated Branch

Just before or just after presentation of the reports of Parliamentary/Standing Committees, the secretariat of the committees sends 100 copies in English and 50 copies in Hindi of the report/s to Press and Public Relations (PPR) branch; 50 English and 25 Hindi to Publication Counter; and 10 English and 5 Hindi to Library Acquisition Branch. All such branches are located in Parliament House.

Unless there is sufficient number of manual labours like attendant, casual labours or casual messengers, chances are that the copies of the reports may not reach the rightful places. Such manual labours and vehicle drivers are in the hands of Administration Branch (AN-II). As such the committee branches are virtually in the hands of AN-II Branch.

The copies of the reports are got resographed in Distribution Branch (D-Branch), which is also responsible for circulation of materials to the residences of members in Delhi and also circulation of documents and return of office copies to the concerned branches.

A question arises as to why not the D-Branch be mandated to see that the reports for presentation/just presented reach PPR, Publication and Library in sufficient numbers.

If the above suggestion is not plausible, an entirely new branch to take care of such matters need to be created.