Thursday, October 3, 2013

Welcoming Ceremony in Honour of Campers and Resource Persons

EBCC Delhi The 29th September, 2013
Time: 11.00 AM
Worship in hymns began with ‘Hon Suakta Sak’ - He Liberated Me. That was followed with ‘Ka Nunna in Toupa Ngai In’ – My Soul Yearns for You; and ‘Kris Sisan Pha’ - The Precious Blood of Christ and Mass Prayer. Side by side the Ushers facilitated worship in offering which was formally dedicated to the Lord by Upa Kaithang.
Report on the Discipleship Training Camp
The discipleship training camp organized from 26 to 28 September, 2013 was successfully completed. Against the target of 120 campers about 280 campers of varied age groups – from 3 months old to 70 years old participated and got a fresh lease of life through the lively interactions and 8 valuable sermons. The contribution of Child Evangelist Ms Esther during the camp was particularly effective. After thanking all for their contribution, Pastor Nenglian called upon Kimte to share her response to the camp.
Camper Response
To a born again Christian like Kimte, the term, ‘Discipleship Camp’ itself sounds prima facie interesting. She highlighted the extent of connect created by the speakers with the campers who were made to relish lively and delectable sermons about-
(i)            The fact that man, zealously engineered by God has fallen in sin due to desire;
(ii)          Tribulation presented in a logical way, which is not entirely frightening;
(iii)         The origin of sin and the need to be cautious against hollow and deceptive philosophy;
(iv)         Deconstruction of sin and the possible ways of murdering and other vices;
(v)           Redemption from sin and the indispensability of Jesus;
(vi)         Repentance the need of which does not discount the sin of the prodigal son’s brother- displeasure over his father’s reaction on his younger brother’s return;
(vii)        Wages of sin which eventually comes to the sinner. The need to focus one’s attention on life and not on sin; and
(viii)       Back-sliding and the heavy penalties attached with it compared with the price paid on being a disciple
The sermons were not only logical, but were a presentation of absolute truth. The camper has decided that any time she realizes that she has strayed from the path of God, she would take a U-Turn at the first crossing ahead.
Introduction of Resource Persons
The Pastor introduced the two main speakers during the camp- (i) Rev. K. Kamchinkhup, MS, Director of Ministries, EBCC; and (ii) Rev Gin Malsawm, MA, M.Th, Divisional Superintendant, Imphal, EBCC. Occupying the pulpit in turns the two comrades engaged in banters and lighten the mood of the gathering.

Rev. K. Kamchinkhup equated the tottering state of society and spiritual life of Lamka to the physical condition of Jerusalem during the time of Anani. The fight against immorality had started from the Bijang and Rengkai side of the town, which seemed to sweep evils to the heart of Lamka. The response of ladies folk in prayers and deeds had succeeded in suppression of bootlegging in Damkam Bazar. More prayers are needed, he said.
Applauding the Nehemiah Project he reminded the Church members that the youth at home look upon Delhi for inspiration. He was programmed to deliver a full sermon in EBCC Central Delhi later in the day.
God’s Way, Not Man’s
Rev. Gin Malsawm captivated the attention of the worshippers with the story of Israelites who were taken from Egypt towards Canaan through a circuitous road. Instead of marching through the land of Philistines, they took a winding road where they had to witness the miracle of parting red sea and spend 40 years in the desert. God was with them as cloud by day and as fire by night. The fastest way of achieving success is not necessarily God’s way. Even Martha felt that Jesus should have come right over when his brother died.
There were some things in the long and circuitous route.
The Israelites faced the Red Sea. From behind them the highly incensed battalion of Egyptian soldiers was chasing. At the time there was tension and panic of extreme proportions Moses gave a controversial order: ‘Stand firm’. Sometimes life of a Christian appears like a joke. And upon the stretching of Moses’ hand the sea was divided leaving a patch of dry land in between. So does the pains and tensions a Christian bears on behalf of God eventually have an exit. However, that was not end of the journey.
On the other side of the Red Sea stretched a dry land hounded by bitter water and poisonous snakes. And that’s the will of God!.
Apostle Paul was given an enormous task and a defective eye sight. He wanted his shortcoming removed. But God replied, “My Grace is sufficient for you”. Ridiculous by worldly standards!
Malsawm, who almost lost his adoring son to a strange ailment, drove home the point that the stories of the Israelites and Apostle Paul are relevant to the contemporary Church members. God wants them to live through the deserts, the marrahs, the serpents and the short-sightedness of the Government and society in Manipur. That is simply a process of hardening in preparation for the huge responsibilities to be handled in the Canaan of life.
Obedience, poise and opening up one’s heart to the commands of God at the time of confusion are vital for earning the respect and admiration of others.
When the Pastor is back to the Lectern, he announced the upcoming wedding ceremony of Wilson T. Goulal s/o Chingzalun and Naobi at 4 PM, the 5thOctober in the Church; and the planned observance of the following day as Worship Sunday. Then he introduced guests and a just married couple.
Then the Worship Team led the hymn, ‘Tul Ngei Lou’ – Joy Forever
Thereafter the worshippers merrily dispersed with the blessings of Upa Kamsuanthang in Benediction.
 By- Lianpu Tonsing
Medai Team