Friday, September 12, 2008


Is it prosperity that comes with peace?
Or is it prosperity that succeeds peace?
Peace by itself is a state of mind,
It is positive peace which yields prosperity,
But I call negative a peace,
That's idyllic ond lazy,
But it's said that man is productive,
If subjected to peace between intervals,
Of work related stress.
Supposing that I am a rich man's progeny,
What else would I have done,
But lazing around in idyllic locales,
My soul to find peace,
Perhaps I'd spend a fortune in adventures.
As I study the pages of history,
I was told that Alexander had to cry.
Why? Because there was a stage,
Where he had no more worlds to conqueror.
Now coming back to the issue,
Of not having money to splurge,
I .. .. don't have much to spare,
Beyond the frugal elements of life,
Like food, clothing and shelter,
Naturally I have a wish,
Say atleast a five figure bank balance,
At any one point in time,
First I have to find me some work,
And put in some extra labour,
In ten years I may save enough,
And the next ten years, another strategy,
And in a life time chances are that,
Very few income earners like me,
Would be reaching an Alexander-like situation,
And not cry like he did, in any case,
Which, I suppose, is a positive state of being,
Even if it falls short of being a peaceful state,
So all workers of the world, SMILE!