Thursday, January 21, 2016

Some Stupid With A F****** Gun: The MLA's Worst Nightmare

As a concluding remark in the Executive Summary, the Comptroller and Auditor General of India in its report of 2015 about Financial Audit on State finance of Government of Manipur stated as follows-
There were 4611 Utilization Certificates (UC) involving 2770.18 crore in respect of grants to 34 departments as on 31.3.2014. There were also delays and arrears in finalization of accounts by the Autonomous District Councils (ADCs), Autonomous Bodies and Departmental Commercial Undertakings (DFUs). 3 DCUs have not submitted their accounts for more than 10 years and other three for more than 20 years.

I wonder how on earth the Government give full fledge retirement to its servants from department where accounts have not been clear for more than 20 years.

The concluding remark of the report recommended, ‘State Government may consider to strengthen internal controls of the executing agencies to utilize the funds within stipulated time so as to avoid delays in submission to ensure timely finalization and submission of annual accounts by the ADCs, autonomous bodies and DCUs to the office of the Principal Accountant General (Audit) Manipur, and take special drive to expedite the submission of pending annual accounts and UCs’.

The recent moves of the Centre and the State have created ripples in my thought.

On August 3, 2015 the National Socialist Council of Nagalim (Isak-Muivah) or NSCN(I-M) signed peace accord with the Government of India.

The Protection of Manipur People Bill, 2015;  The Manipur Land Revenue and Land Reforms (7th Amendment) Bill, 2015; and The Manipur Shops and Establishment (2nd Amendment) Bill, 2015 were passed on 31.8.2015. The tribals, especially those from Churachandpur saw it as an attempt to undermine their rights. But tribal MLAs had no remorse for not opposing the bills. Why?

The protection of the people of Manipur envisages setting up of a  directorate of immigration in the state. Directorate is headed by a director, whose pay would go (by contemporary standard would go as high as 1.3 lakh) Below him is expected at least  5 officers of Additional Director or Deputy Secretary rank, 10 Under Secretaries and a host of gazetted and non-gazetted officers. The number of sub-ordinate staff (grade C and grade D) in such an organization would come to at least 50. The pay of senior officers would come up to Rs. 25 lakhs. Similarly the other staff including Section Officers and below would be earning an equal, if not higher amount. The bottom line is that in the event of the setting up of a directorate an amount of atleast Rs. 60 lakh would come to the state from the Central Government under salary head. Such a large office would require staff cars, petrol, stationery and other consumable goods for maintenance. Thus the non-plan expenditure to such a directorate would come to as high as Rs. 80 lakh per month.

A day may come when the directorate has grown too small to handle all registrations and renewals in the matter. Eventually district offices have to be opened in Bishnupur, Churachandpur, Chandel, Imphal (East), Senapati, Tamenglong, Thoubal, Ukhrul and Imphal (West) all sucking lakhs of money from the Central Government. In the event of the Sadar Hills district being formed as demanded by the Kukis, the number of districts would come to 10.

A big question mark is staring one in the face; what would be the level of efficiency of the directorate? The efficiency may be good or very good initially. Because the Government has to, at least appoint some experienced person as head, which would give an impression that the office really functions.  The head retires and the directorate's is thrown open to the locals. Fake data would be prepared and furnished wherever and whenever. But what kind of people would consist of the 'locals'?

On December 29, 2015 The Jont Action Committee (JAC) against the bills met the Chief Minister wherein they were told that the bills were the brainchild of Corcomm, the undergrounds based in Myanmar. Similarly it is rumoured that head of  a revolutionary army had told all MLAs under his jurisdiction to not oppose the bills.

So who will man the directorate and its branches (if there need to be any expansion) ?

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Lest I Forget

[10:29PM, 19/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Hiai Biakinn Kong a July 17th,1997 a ka thiltuah zaw manglam adin le ka deihkei
[10:30PM, 19/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: A nawl apen kha a luipen , a luipen kimkhat le phalou di ahi hiai
[10:36PM, 19/01/2016] Mary Ngailianching: Bng a natuah chile dot ngam huai d adiam?
[10:38PM, 19/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Nu Mary, Thanlon kat ni zingkal ahi
Mi 8 si. Biakinn sung leh a pua a sivek uh. A sulnung uh vamu kahi,
[10:40PM, 19/01/2016] Mary Ngailianching: Mitkha ah mang hak nave maw?Toupan damna hon pia heen.....
[10:41PM, 19/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Bible kang bang.
Luguh neng,Brain neng Biakinn bang a omlai
Khasiat didan le kithei kei... 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
[10:42PM, 19/01/2016] Mary Ngailianching: Ka unau ua a neupeen le nurse hiinchin buailai a lamka district hosp a a panlaai...a kang khwng hon pawluut luut uh ...tutan sahou gim zathei nawnlou...
[10:43PM, 19/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: A heh huai mahmah chu
Namdang deuh te , simte,Hmar te etc2 kha om henghang uh 👊👊
[10:50PM, 19/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Kaihlam nuai group chile a dik zaw di😝😝😝
[10:51PM, 19/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Tonglon
[10:52PM, 19/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Dailon
[10:52PM, 19/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Milongmun
[10:52PM, 19/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Galleng te khua ngen hiveh o
[10:52PM, 19/01/2016] ‪+91 90138 84228‬: aibulon hia leh
[10:53PM, 19/01/2016] Tete Thanglian: Tamenglon hinteh
[10:53PM, 19/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Nagalim a Thanlon bang le om kha ahi. Tunchu a omnawnkei a
[10:56PM, 19/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: UKLP vs KNO
[10:56PM, 19/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: UKLF
[10:56PM, 19/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Hmmmmm
[10:56PM, 19/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: PS Haokip in Haolenphai hausa pa fuih a sum tampi ana lakhe man chihdan hizomah ahi
[10:59PM, 19/01/2016] ‪+91 97118 85575‬: Kukite kha a heutute un ana khemkhem dan uh hive aw maw..

Sadar Hills tung thu bang a le meitei ten ana leikhia uh hihtuak hive aw huai a 2010 a hong buailai hiam a maw..

Kukiforum ah naktak a kichituah zialzial uh hive aw.. huai nung siah kukiforum bang le dai dide zou hi ve aw
[11:02PM, 19/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Chandel lam khng a chu KNO lam te kuk e chingam le a omlouh pi uh, tun bel UKLF tele NSCN toh aki distance simta ua adan om deuh maithei..
[11:07PM, 19/01/2016] ‪+91 97118 85575‬: KNF mc leh P kichite kha beita uhia le
[11:16PM, 19/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: U Kamsiam ,
KNF MC te chu a bei lam le hisim uh hilou hia
KNF P te chu 3 tak phata uh abang, KNF P original te UPF ah, KNF nehlun te neutral KNF nehlun apan faction sawn te UPF mah ah
[11:18PM, 19/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Huchi bang sim ua , PS Haokip in nuam sa aka hia,
UKLF te Thangboi omkei le tuh KNO a omvek zou di bang uh ahi
[11:19PM, 19/01/2016] ‪+91 97118 85575‬: UKLF leh NSCN kha kikawi dandeuh uh hia le..
[11:21PM, 19/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Yes
[11:21PM, 19/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Training, weapons te kha IM te piak ngen dan achi uh
[11:23PM, 19/01/2016] Lalpu Vuallungtuak: Nehlun a original in kathei K (ug) ah, Kipgen pen
[11:24PM, 19/01/2016] ‪+91 97118 85575‬: Zeliangrong te bang in le UG nei dan uh hive aw maw
[11:25PM, 19/01/2016] ‪+91 99710 96863‬: ZUF zo Home minister pu a chi uh
[11:26PM, 19/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: KNF kha Nehlun , ana pankhia
Kukiland ana tum
KNO/KNA Burma suak ,Moreh a tut phah ziak a hng lar khia uh.
Nehlun hng sih tak a , KNA lam in Nehlun ideology pen hijack a Kukiland pen Zalengam via Kukistate
lungkim mahmah samlou uh ahi Sadr Hills lamte PS tung a
[11:26PM, 19/01/2016] ‪+91 99710 96863‬: IM counter nadi maimai dan hilou hia
[11:27PM, 19/01/2016] ‪+91 99710 96863‬: Intelligence te mahmah in group khat suk chauh nadia group dang tosawn chih bang om vengvung ahih chiah theih hak tak ahi..
[11:30PM, 19/01/2016] Lalpu Vuallungtuak: A laibu uh khat, Zalengam kichi DU a honpiak khak uh kaneilai. Nehlun philosophy
[11:32PM, 19/01/2016] ‪+91 97118 85575‬: Bei ngei keh kilawm maw Manipur ah.. Politician ten a bei deih lou or mipi in deihlou kihi zaw ahi diam zaw theih hak tak ahi
[11:34PM, 19/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: PS Haokip
Zalengam the Kuki nation a
1997 buaina a gelh dan kha , a mentality di kithei mai
Naga ten Kuki te counter nadia Paite te zang , Paite ten Unau kitheihpih khelh Iak a Kuki kichi te ana dou chihdan
K lamte mohna omlou dan a gelh hiveh o
[11:35PM, 19/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Ken chu a laibu simlou, article khat a ki quote ka muh
[11:36PM, 19/01/2016] ‪+91 97118 85575‬: ZuF te kha RA te training piakte ahi diing uam.. 2010 lak veel a
[11:36PM, 19/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Like Saikul incident is just a mistaken identity.... IM te di sak ziak a incident dan a gen mawk hiveh o
[11:36PM, 19/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: RA te training piak te chu, Dimasa te hilou mo
[11:36PM, 19/01/2016] ‪+91 97118 85575‬: ok
[11:36PM, 19/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Karbi helte ahi uh
[11:37PM, 19/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Dimasa te chet hia, not sure
[11:38PM, 19/01/2016] Lalpu Vuallungtuak: Karbianglong salam leh khalama awlmoh ive ua maw
[11:38PM, 19/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: SoO ma deuh a ,
Thau lui deuh a tui ek simsim tele huai te kia zuak khe vek uh chihdan
[11:39PM, 19/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Training lai a Thanlon va pha ua, Thaulem ngen toi a patrolling pai ua, khel a khel chithei uh chi veh o ka Uten 😝😝😝
[11:39PM, 19/01/2016] Lalpu Vuallungtuak: Politics a aniampen eiloi hijel, political status ah. Khosakna thutuam.
[11:44PM, 19/01/2016] Lalpu Vuallungtuak: Bungbulehkhai a anuai a malta hal -
[11:46PM, 19/01/2016] Lalpu Vuallungtuak: chihbangle omlai hi e,
[11:46PM, 19/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: VVF camp a Z toh UNLF te kibeih lai le khawk chithou
[11:46PM, 19/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Zingkal dak 4 apan nitak dak 11 tan chidan 😂😂😂😂😂
[11:47PM, 19/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Reinforcement ten Songtal apan delh, lap uh
[11:48PM, 19/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Hahaha , huai hihial kei
[11:48PM, 19/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Z te 22
[11:48PM, 19/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Reinforcement 6 😂😂
[11:49PM, 19/01/2016] ‪+91 97118 85575‬: UNLF te la bangzah bang ahi di uam maw
[11:50PM, 19/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: UNLF te 150 khong
Inn a Ann hng huan ua, kikhel zel uh chi veh o......
[11:50PM, 19/01/2016] ‪+91 97118 85575‬: UNLFte kha hong luah sawm a hong opkhum dan uh hia ke
[11:50PM, 19/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Lian Langel in ZC ah gelh hoih mahmah
[11:52PM, 19/01/2016] Lalpu Vuallungtuak: Z omkeileh honnuai chimitdi eive uale maw? Huailaichu..
[11:53PM, 19/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Area kineih uh. Z ten Thanlon. Huailai a UNLF te kha Hmar bial a sanctuary a piaklai uh HPC D ten....
VVF camp battle ma a kalkhat paisa a a Sap te uh khat ana kaplum kha ua, huai phuba la dan a kuan uh chuh ahi ua, VVF camp kha a mualtung ahi a , a luhzou kei maimai ua hi.
[11:53PM, 19/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Tipaimukh rape azoh lam a om.
[11:54PM, 19/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Ka memory a dik lai di😂😂😂😂
[11:55PM, 19/01/2016] ‪+91 97118 85575‬: HPC D leh UNLF kikhensiang uh ahita diam maw
[11:56PM, 19/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Huai rape incident om apan kikhen siang uh hiveh o, huai lai a Z te support ziak ale UPF a omkhawm thei ule hisim in ka thei
[11:57PM, 19/01/2016] ‪+91 99710 96863‬: Heutute leh heutu dia sek a om lel ten I past uh tuadan te khong hon manghilh keileh uh mo...
[11:58PM, 19/01/2016] ‪+91 97118 85575‬: HPC te le zaw gumtak uh ahi.
A kipat tung lai ua Single leh Double barrel khawng a MAP te ambush ngam top uh hisam a.. MAP lah chu thau hoih zotham tawi uh hizomah..
[12:00AM, 20/01/2016] Lalpu Vuallungtuak: Will power?
[12:01AM, 20/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Huai lai in Meitei te hangsan deuh leutuh kichai vek thei ddan uh ahi, thau tang bei himai, Reinforcement te hng tun mankei leh Lampi honna dia thautang 4/5 chiat siit.....
Amau huai Bukpi lam paina a gamlak kawm a hng luum suk uh.....commando chi a kikou lailai chihdan ahi A gelh tupan😄😄😄😄😄
[12:01AM, 20/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: A huh dia kuan te
[12:02AM, 20/01/2016] ‪+91 97118 85575‬: UNLFte kha tam si uhia le huai lai a
[12:02AM, 20/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: 4
[12:02AM, 20/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Z te 2
[12:03AM, 20/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Manipur Express leh Sangai ah le hng suak
[12:03AM, 20/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: KYKL toh Z te kithuah lai
[12:04AM, 20/01/2016] ‪+91 97118 85575‬: Landmine kha bang lan kawk a a kam uh ahi diam maw
[12:04AM, 20/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Thanlon lou, Meitei te casualty tam na pen Thingkeu khogei a Siamthianmuan command nanuai a Prepak te ana ambush uh , Prepak te 6 si
[12:04AM, 20/01/2016] ‪+91 97118 85575‬: KYKL kha Pangalte a hi maw
[12:04AM, 20/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Yes
[12:05AM, 20/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Huailou Z te 2 le suangpek ah UNLF prepak combine in ana kaplum uh
[12:05AM, 20/01/2016] ‪+91 97118 85575‬: UNLF ten kha sniper bang le zang dan uh hive aw maw
[12:06AM, 20/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Azoh Takvom khogei a KNF-UNLF combine mah in Z te nih kaplum
[12:06AM, 20/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Hiai teng ka thei Z vs Meitei te ki ziar na
[12:07AM, 20/01/2016] ‪+91 97118 85575‬: Siamthianmuan kha Bukpi a pen eivoi maw
[12:07AM, 20/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Hi
[12:07AM, 20/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Z te khut mah a si
[12:08AM, 20/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: St Xavier a senior te
[12:08AM, 20/01/2016] Mary Ngailianching: Bng ziak?
[12:08AM, 20/01/2016] ‪+91 97118 85575‬: Pu Tualhel tapa pa eivoi maw
[12:08AM, 20/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Yes
[12:08AM, 20/01/2016] Lalpu Vuallungtuak: Hill People's Union ana chihlai khawng un ana paikhawm khale uh hiaiteng omloudi hi a. Tualah, regional party chidekle NPF bang omta, Kuki/Zomi, party tam. Bangloh a phadi azentam?!
[12:09AM, 20/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: A ziak bel gen lele a dikpen hituan kenteh
[12:09AM, 20/01/2016] Mary Ngailianching: Pa Tualhel zaanlam zek a si peen maw?
[12:10AM, 20/01/2016] ‪+91 97118 85575‬: Yes.. amau khawng Bukpi a omlai ua thupi lotel ahi Bukpi high school bang
[12:10AM, 20/01/2016] ‪+91 99710 96863‬: Ucole tuate hoihtakin timeline hon bawl ve oi
[12:10AM, 20/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Meitei te toh a Kibeih na te uh, south Asian terrorist portal a omvek aka, vs UNLF vs Prepak
Eilam K te toh Kibeih na te a omkei a,
Meitei te terrorist hideuh adi di uam ah
[12:10AM, 20/01/2016] ‪+91 99710 96863‬: 😄😄
[12:11AM, 20/01/2016] ‪+91 99710 96863‬: Documentation chi khat himai aka.. Poimoh ahi
[12:11AM, 20/01/2016] ‪+91 99710 96863‬: Tua non gen teng I sim toh kiton a bei..
[12:11AM, 20/01/2016] ‪+91 99710 96863‬: 😁😁
[12:11AM, 20/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Sinai khong ah om mailou di hia Golan,a bawl dun ka ging
[12:11AM, 20/01/2016] Mary Ngailianching: A naupa tanu te Chingnou te hia om
[12:12AM, 20/01/2016] ‪+91 99710 96863‬: A bawl ua lele a hoih lokei di
[12:12AM, 20/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Enle a kum chet2 kithei nawnlou a
[12:13AM, 20/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: U siamthianmuan chu ZRF omlai vel ahi a sih
[12:13AM, 20/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Lawibual ale 6 tak va kikap lim eive ua ZRA vs ZRF
[12:13AM, 20/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: #lum
[12:14AM, 20/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Factional fight
[12:14AM, 20/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Lawm ten a ning mah di uh e eigel Usiam , 😂😂😂
[12:14AM, 20/01/2016] ‪+91 97118 85575‬: Hiai ahi puzzle helpawl ineih ua bang phatuam ahi dio chih or koilak a paikhialkha ihi diing ua o chih hon ngaihtuah saksak..

Hunkhat gam humbitna dia salpha ahi ua kum khat zong kiveilou in nam melma chih in a om zeel mai uh..

I kichiamna uh Pathian in ngaidah mahmah ahi dio chih ngaihtuahtuah mawk ka hi.. A pumpi zaw theilou thei ngamlouna ing a..
[12:16AM, 20/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: A sepaih te zaw iit huai lua uh e
[12:17AM, 20/01/2016] Mary Ngailianching: Ken chu ninglou ,nuam salua , thil kitheilou lua ahih chia...
[12:18AM, 20/01/2016] Tete Thanglian: Ninglou hial hon gen beh lai un ana ki sim lel ahi kup didan thei tuanlouh ziak hilel,btw KYKL kha pangal te hilou ahi very much meitei chih kon kup theih sun ahi di.
[12:19AM, 20/01/2016] Lalpu Vuallungtuak: Front stall a cinema enmah kibang. Nuam e.
[12:20AM, 20/01/2016] Tete Thanglian: Kykl te zra ten a kep/ a om khawm lai uh a van di bang va lak pih kha Imphal ah khat vei chih khong hilel kup theih sun
[12:20AM, 20/01/2016] Mary Ngailianching: Tua siamthianmuan na chih te uh bng a sih nung a amaupan azi nei sawn , anih ua khamtheih hih tuak uh ,a ngaih a ngaih tuah huai chi uh...a zi bng le znv a ana pang chi uh....koi hiam khat a chu ana paikhial kha kihi maithei kamsiam geen daan a...
[12:20AM, 20/01/2016] +919718219063: Mizo tangval te khut I thuak lai ua heututen solkar ana phu ua VVF hong piang, security + employment tamtak in neihloh,,

Kuki Helpawl te khut I thuak a,  gual in namten a zun leh, gual in kawl chiang a tawi leh en leng... i chihtei te khawng panla khial ihi diam or a lou theilou a enle hihtei ngai adiam etc
[12:20AM, 20/01/2016] ‪+91 94363 80878‬: Aizawl lam ten leng sim nuam sa mah mah ka hi uh
[12:21AM, 20/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Newlane a forest te office hng luah ua
Pasal3  nih numei 2...
Kalkhat le omman Lou a ZEO office Kong a UNLF ten khat ana kaplum ua , khat a tawbou kapkha ua, hehpih huai zozen uh, lau petmah uh. TV khng ki enkhawm zel hia huailai a
[12:23AM, 20/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: A numei te ubang nak hoih lua uh
[12:23AM, 20/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: chimok
[12:23AM, 20/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: 😂😂😂😂
[12:24AM, 20/01/2016] ‪+91 97118 85575‬: Ka U Thawnkhogin bang le zaw a lunggim luat chiang a hehpih huai zou hive aw..

Grouping lai a heutu a va pangkha zaw hi di Ka Nu'n Gin koi a pai diing ka mai uh na Pu lah hat nawnlou a mangbang lua hiveng aw ka va chih leh Pusiamte inn ah ana paisuk maive ua kihuituam chihdan le om thei dinmun hilou ahi hon chi maimah chi phet..

Mi in a va omom dan lah omlou ahih chiang a chi a loubuk a ka giah ton bang uh om chiphet in..

Leader Nam leader politician policy bawl in implementation a thagum thatang zang a galvan tawi nam sepaih te i zat chiang in nam sepaih te sisan in zou mahmah loumah zaw ahi chih chiang huntawk ahi chih kei muhdan ahi..
[12:26AM, 20/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Grouping toh kisai chu hih khial hithet I've ua mo.... adiak a Hanship ten thuak kha diak
[12:27AM, 20/01/2016] Mary Ngailianching: Hehpihtakin grouping hon geen chiang d uh...
[12:28AM, 20/01/2016] Lalpu Vuallungtuak: Muan H, lungsim ah tampi honglang thak e! Policy paralysis hia system hia bang a? Manta khalgah kanekziak hiam aw, nahtang toulawk kanekziak? chi a pheisam Kah laa bang lungsima om maimah. Kua mohsak tuamna hilou a..
[12:29AM, 20/01/2016] Tete Thanglian: Tuni tak topic fuh hia or member te phur ziak hia pai in a pai sim ka chi 😉
[12:30AM, 20/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Hanship khonuai ah kalkhat kava omkha uh aka
[12:31AM, 20/01/2016] Tete Thanglian: Hanship khaw lui hia or dialkhai pen hia sikha lang achih na pen uh?
[12:31AM, 20/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Dialkhai a zanglang
[12:31AM, 20/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Huai hia nagen
[12:31AM, 20/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: 😂😂😂😂😂
[12:32AM, 20/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Bangvang kal khong a zang vaki khai lelaih
Antang kawm khong a zang ana om memouh chihdan hitel e
[12:32AM, 20/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Huai zaw buaima thu hi
[12:32AM, 20/01/2016] Tete Thanglian: 😁😁😁😂
[12:33AM, 20/01/2016] Lalpu Vuallungtuak: Lasiam Pampi bang asuktum toh jawng goigoi uh achi ua, grouping lai in, utloulua adiam😚khajang te hiam hi a, koitan jawng adi uam?😄
[12:33AM, 20/01/2016] Mary Ngailianching: Grouping hon geen chian ve ua....
[12:35AM, 20/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Khoneu tuamtuam te khua khat a tengkhawm sak dia ZRO in thusuah a , mipi lah utlou, haksa sa uh, ZRO inlah kiveng zouveklou di, Mipin a tam a hinpih chihdn a force a hng hih mawk.... Zep ekek paql bang le om chihdab
[12:37AM, 20/01/2016] Tete Thanglian: Hih khial sim maw groupism pen,poi mah² lah ki khel sim ta....
[12:37AM, 20/01/2016] Mary Ngailianching: Oh!thanks!hanship ten bngchi thuak diak ahi ua...
[12:38AM, 20/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Original mun, khotung lam chimai ni, paisan utlou uh, khonuai a teng ut pawl le om uh...huchia kikhen kha uh hiveh o, kou va omlai a chu a venglam hita , a incident chet ka theikei
[12:38AM, 20/01/2016] ‪+91 97118 85575‬: Political settlement i gam ah om henla vision implementation a sepsuahna peen philantropic huan pioneering na a kalsuan masa ten pioneer ihihna kichian in patience nei le hang grouping i chih bang successfull thei dia gintak huai mah le ahi..

I pu le pi te un gam khua ana sat unchin buhkham diing bang hoih hon neih chiang ua huai mun mah ah hong pemlut un huchi a khopi hon bawl uh ana hidan ahi.

Vaihawmtu ana nei ua hausa bang ana sam uh eivoi vaihawm dia a khua ua. Gospel thak khovel khantouhna dan a hong tung vaihawmtu in ana nang ana kinangtuah ek uh.

Ana kithat tuah bel hilou uh. Huchia i gam a Krisstian Gospel in nivaak suak kilawm hon mu..

Sikul khawng hon hong uh numei sikul kai bang a thadah man a tuitawi peihlouh man ana chi hilhial hun uh ana om tham ahi.

Hilele tuni chiang a century bang lawm theita mawk. Numeite bang innsung a nek zongtu khat suak maimah..

I khangthu uh suuttaak hiaitan i tunna uh suuttham lotel petmah ahi..
[12:40AM, 20/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Grouping pen ana successful hileh, Lamka ihi chi delh di ua o chihbang lungsim a om
[12:40AM, 20/01/2016] Lalpu Vuallungtuak: Kinohna nasasim hihtuak huailai. Anu, pitek, puak utlou, pai hatlou, nuak zomah, hon nusia ua hiah kasizodi peuhchi, khema khem thoh, na lawmnun mualvuma khawlmuna honna ngak ahi chihchia honghat deuhjel chihkhawng. Story tuamtuam.
[12:43AM, 20/01/2016] ‪+91 87320 12693‬: 😡😡😡
[12:43AM, 20/01/2016] Mary Ngailianching: Story tampi ngaihnop huai pipi ,lungkhoih pipi om d daan eive...
[12:43AM, 20/01/2016] Mary Ngailianching: Hehlem hia huai@benben
[12:44AM, 20/01/2016] ‪+91 87320 12693‬: Hi veh, akua le hehsan di ageet diam ah !!
[12:45AM, 20/01/2016] Lalpu Vuallungtuak: Naichik eivoi hiaite khawngchu😄
[12:46AM, 20/01/2016] ‪+91 87320 12693‬: Eiloi town bus toh kibang hive hang aw...
[12:46AM, 20/01/2016] Mary Ngailianching: Huaiteng tuah nung a le, cole nang leh adang dang te sepna hoih tak² nei a India khawpi tuam² a om te thupi mah² uchia.....
[12:46AM, 20/01/2016] Lalpu Vuallungtuak: Dahpa tonlaia khuangpupa chihna hituanlou in😃
[12:47AM, 20/01/2016] Mary Ngailianching: Town bus bngchi bat...
[12:47AM, 20/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Z bang ana ki ut mawk amah ve
[12:48AM, 20/01/2016] Mary Ngailianching: Huchi mah inteh
[12:48AM, 20/01/2016] ‪+91 87320 12693‬: Naptolh diktouh zel ichi zo diam leh
[12:48AM, 20/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: 😄
[12:48AM, 20/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Dahpa khuang
[12:50AM, 20/01/2016] Lalpu Vuallungtuak: Thanlon SDO in R-Day speech a Pakistan chou chih bangle om hilou hia, kol?😄
[12:51AM, 20/01/2016] Mary Ngailianching: Nalh na zeel e....😀😀😀
[12:52AM, 20/01/2016] Lalpu Vuallungtuak: Sepna muna om hiphot. Ahoihlam in
[12:52AM, 20/01/2016] ‪+91 97118 85575‬: Pa Kam Chinkhokam C Hangshing omlai a le futball bang hon puak in hanmual a ana kidawn in chin.. chikhum tang sante le hon puak.. lim kisa mahmah mai..
[12:52AM, 20/01/2016] Mary Ngailianching: Bngchi tuk in chou lele zapha lou d aihchiangua lauh huailou....😀😀😀
[12:53AM, 20/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: C Hangshing tapa te , hahahaa
School kaitawp chia , sun Ann kine , amau ka ute toh kithuah dia hng ngak zel uh. Sun Ann nedia hng kingen zel uh😂😂😂...
[12:53AM, 20/01/2016] Lalpu Vuallungtuak: Na dam hiam, ukpipa aw na dam hiam?😄
[12:54AM, 20/01/2016] Mary Ngailianching: Kua kampau?
[12:54AM, 20/01/2016] Lalpu Vuallungtuak: Welcome song kumlui khat
[12:56AM, 20/01/2016] Lalpu Vuallungtuak: Jang gamlei leh singtang gam ukpipa, koute din bang nonpuak hiam ukpipa?
[12:57AM, 20/01/2016] ‪+91 97118 85575‬: Pukhup Songchinkhup in le hon puak zeel.. Vongkot tan lampi sial diing hon chi bang tu khut tak zen a ana kibeng sam eive.. 6th schedule le min mahmah ta haigah min toh hon teh bang tu kibeng zuazua sam ahi.. kineu mahmah lai di hi a..

Pathang Phungzathang in lah Singkhan bang hon tonpih inchin huai mufler gialte thanlai hiven Singkhan bang in mufler ok hethat kimunuam mahmah..

Singpi chu khum thei e!
[12:57AM, 20/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Independence shield , Dialkhai khuate a pang nak ule chu, kisual teitei uh hiveh o
Zu lah tam, Dawn Dawn mai uh hiveh o Thanlon a.
Bukpi Dialkhai, Bungpilon chih te hat deuh un
HAnship lamte chu kithei kha khollou abang , pang chu pang zel sam ua
[12:58AM, 20/01/2016] Mary Ngailianching: Thil neu khah²  i hinkhua hon nuamsak mah² te....
[12:59AM, 20/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Bukpi a ihoh aleh, a naupang te un,
A pau nak eng mak e , chi nui tuuk tuuk uh.
Amau a chu mak sa khollou uh hidin
[1:00AM, 20/01/2016] Mary Ngailianching: 😂😂😂
[1:00AM, 20/01/2016] ‪+91 97118 85575‬: VRSA cup laksuak nung Hanshipte kihaat zou taktak nawnlou football ah.. VRSA tang den khua chu hisam..

Palkhuangte bang le futball pek haat uh kasa Khenkhup bang haat lo khunkhun eivoi thetheuh a
[1:01AM, 20/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Hanship te bang ale amin, neu mahmah, NLYC khong ale pang, Papineu kichi , hat petmah eive
[1:02AM, 20/01/2016] Mary Ngailianching: Kou hanship te hilele ma mi geen ka thei kei...😃
[1:03AM, 20/01/2016] ‪+91 97118 85575‬: Khamlam Khamginthang Khenthang Paite George Lal chihte Hanship suak ngen chu ahi ve Esau kichite hatlao
[1:03AM, 20/01/2016] ‪+91 97118 85575‬: hatlai
[1:03AM, 20/01/2016] Mary Ngailianching: N type diin M meek kha naak
[1:04AM, 20/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: U JTL in vuumpi story khong hon gen ngut2 le chih huai na e
[1:06AM, 20/01/2016] Mary Ngailianching: Houlim a nuam law na a, ihmut pht dia hoih d hive aw lawmte...
[1:06AM, 20/01/2016] ‪+91 97118 85575‬: Bukpite Tanlun bang le minthang mahmah
[1:06AM, 20/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Imut kikham kei ni
[1:06AM, 20/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Mangpha😂😂😂
[1:07AM, 20/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Bijaus
[1:07AM, 20/01/2016] Lalpu Vuallungtuak: John K bang ei neulaia Hanship te goal keeper a pang kiuhkeuh eingal😄 Bukpi a tournament khat a penalty a ball in goal khuamtung denkhekha, alu dengsukkha chihkhawng
[1:10AM, 20/01/2016] Mary Ngailianching: Mangpha phot...
[1:10AM, 20/01/2016] Lalpu Vuallungtuak: Tanlun, Siamthianmuan u ahi e
uMangsuan lawi MASCOT kichi in hatpeuhmah uh e huailai
[1:11AM, 20/01/2016] ‪+91 97118 85575‬: Thanlon a Simte te khat le minthang hive aw Lunmang kichi hia a min
[1:12AM, 20/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Ginmang
[1:12AM, 20/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Sita
[1:12AM, 20/01/2016] ‪+91 97118 85575‬: Siam simpi hive aw maw Ginmang le Tanlun bang le hiai geel kha minthang mahmah uh eive
[1:13AM, 20/01/2016] Lalpu Vuallungtuak: Lamlun keukau bangle hatve aw, mikala lut jualjual
[1:13AM, 20/01/2016] Lalpu Vuallungtuak: 😄
[1:13AM, 20/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: U Lamlun kha a zi eimi, Ukhualpu nau.Mascot a pang,  TSC ten Simte ahihziak a Mascot apan TSC a alut uh. Mascot i n Rs 50/- fine sak
[1:14AM, 20/01/2016] ‪+91 97118 85575‬: Ulalte unau kha Bukpite dia Bukpi paulou uh mak ana kisa thei lua chih khawng hi
[1:14AM, 20/01/2016] Lalpu Vuallungtuak: Haha
[1:14AM, 20/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Huailai a 50/- kha entry fee daih mahmah .
[1:15AM, 20/01/2016] ‪+91 97118 85575‬: U Lamlun futball lunglut a vanglak maw ka na theikha kei hilhial tel ka chi
[1:15AM, 20/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Mascot toh TSC final hideuh reng. Hot thei eeeeee....
[1:16AM, 20/01/2016] Lalpu Vuallungtuak: Dialkhai te key player te, Zamtun, Paukam chihte khawng hi, neulai a
[1:17AM, 20/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Tsc toh Dialkhai kimawl.....
Dialkhai in zoulou....
Dialkhai te defender khat amin ka manghilh , pandal a board te kia hngpai,
American English in pau leng na thei di ua hia , hng chi mamat mawk
[1:18AM, 20/01/2016] ‪+91 97118 85575‬: Khualzin khaak sunsun chia field et di chih kha himai..

Bukpi field Thanlon field chih khawng i muh chiang a lian lotel petmah ki eng thei himai.. mai ziihziah kicompare zeel..
[1:18AM, 20/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: U Gouhimlian loi pau ngam selou uh😂😂😂😂
[1:19AM, 20/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: U Chinsong chih te loi, Lumthang bazar a tambola !! Haahhaa
[1:20AM, 20/01/2016] Lalpu Vuallungtuak: Palkhuang leh Dialkhai kisithei mahmah uh. Akhua lah kikimsim, kingamhun tawk geih, etnuamthei e!😄
[1:21AM, 20/01/2016] Lalpu Vuallungtuak: Hanship player- Chinsuanglian chihkhawng theikha hang
[1:21AM, 20/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Vengnuam a a ingei uh luun thei e
U Chonghoih nu zuluup sa vivit delh in😛😛😛
[1:21AM, 20/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: #ka ingei
[1:21AM, 20/01/2016] Lalpu Vuallungtuak: Neulaithu
[1:22AM, 20/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: U Chintoi chih te
[1:23AM, 20/01/2016] Lalpu Vuallungtuak: Chintawi igenletu napu Goulal bang gen ngaijeldi eivoi😄contemporary
[1:24AM, 20/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: 😂😂😂😂😂😂
[1:24AM, 20/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: U Tualmang gen maini leh.,.... Thanlon khua leh sub division adia football peksiam kasak penpen ahi
[1:25AM, 20/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Gone too soon...
[1:26AM, 20/01/2016] Lalpu Vuallungtuak: Siam mah e. Akhut bang roll away action song sadi mahbanga vei lalauh kawmin😃
[1:27AM, 20/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Mascot toh Tsc kituh sek uh aka
[1:29AM, 20/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Buaima lamdeuh a , U Jamgin aka James Naulak,
Army kilak nadi a field a tai, amah lah lianlua om hethut , Army ten nak deihlua uh, round 3 na tan a chu amah le taizou nawn Lou, army ten lah deih lua uh, a nung a sawn maimah uh...a tawp a chu puk top mai aka....ching Lou hilel avele
[1:30AM, 20/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Z operator lui. Na thei kha diam ah
[1:30AM, 20/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: 😂😂😂
[1:30AM, 20/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Mangpha phot
[1:30AM, 20/01/2016] Dong Coleson Vualnam: Daily dose ngak kawm in imu vai💤💤😊😊
[1:32AM, 20/01/2016] Lalpu Vuallungtuak: Bukpi hausapa a inn ua vatungsek, zan a lupma ua adam suit a zun nawndia hongpawtkhe ngalhngalhjel chihkhawng Goulal in neulaia agenkhakte hi e😄 childhood reminiscence. Nuam maimai.
[1:33AM, 20/01/2016] Lalpu Vuallungtuak: Mangthra()