Sunday, December 28, 2008

Feasty Christmas

Traditions with origins before the coming of Christianity among the Paites in the Indo-Myanmar border, has still got favours in Christmas Celebrations. For example Soiree (it's Christianised version not captured in video due to poor lighting in the basement of EBCC Church, New Delhi, where the social singing is held) among the Paites is as old as history. Bonfires, rice beers, dances and singing are the ingredients of traditional merry making.

The beginning of the 20th century heralded in the good news about the death, the resurrection and the saving work of Jesus Christ, which was believed to have taken place in AD 1. Soon the gospel of Christ spread like wild fire. And to the followers of Christ a date conveniently fixed for celebration of His birthday, is the 25th of December.

The worship service, popularly referred to as the Mas (if Im not mistaken) is universal all across the churches, east and west, pole to pole. With the passage of time, the Christmas celebration has got enriched and diversified. To the western revellers drinks, gifts and santa claus have crept in as part of the celebration.

There are things that a Paite considers essential to really go high during Christmas; a Christianised form of soiree and a big feast. Matters of tradition, uniqueness, identity.