Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ecological Poem

Once upon a time in the West
A war broke out between metals and trees
the entire world of matter was polarised
Into the metal camp and the trees camp
The metal camp emerged victorious in the war
Trees and its camp followers who lose the war
Like the grasses, weeds and oxygen had to leave
And relocate in a place where they would be safe
In Japan they were not even allowed to shop
Korea had no more space left for more greenery
Malaysia and Indonesia was being swallowed up
By the merciless club of Steel-metal conglomerate
Russia was full of radio-active material
Upon the shores of Hongkong they lose heart
With the sound of a trumpet they gathered
The Chief Mahogany addressed the gathering:
Children of the greening fraternity,
Today I stand before you in all humility
When the House of Mahogany was bombarded,
I exhorted you to join me in the good fight
I had implored you to be strong till the end.
But now You have nowhere else to go
Except the regions beyond Thailand.
Me and my family are bound by a holy duty
To go back to the land of our ancestors
To pay homage to the Oxygenatorial Warriors
Who died fighting trying to save us
In the very land which was threatened ,
And live in the biting cold of Alaska.
Till the melting ice caps uncover our veil.
Alvida! Alvide!