Wednesday, September 14, 2011

cricket vs. football

Cricket vs Football
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If you are a football fan, read it to get a bite of reality. If you are a cricket fan, read it to be proud on cricket.

Most people would believe that football is far more superior game than cricket. It might beat cricket when it comes to the size of the ball, but in other areas.. think again!

1. Even the shortest version of cricket is twice as longer than any football match, thus providing entertainment for longer duration of time!

2. In football, for 90minutes you wait and wait for a goal which may or may not happen. But in cricket there is some action-a six, four, bowled, run out- on virtually every ball. Thus, providing more reasons to cheer!

3. Football provides just one time slot (ie half time) for advertisers, while in cricket there are atleast 40 time slots (in T20 format). And then, if its IPL you can have ads in between deliveries also. Thus, making it more commercially viable!

4. In football, for majority of the time you are shown just one camera angle. But in cricket, broadcasting is a challenge! You need cameras in every corner of the ground, you require technologies like hawk-eye, speedometer, snicko-meter, zoomer, hotspot. Thus making cricket more technologically advance!

5.All commentator do in a football match “Kaka.. Kaka to ronadinho, to giberto, passes it to Julio…”. (Thanks, vuvuzella, now they are not required to do even this much!). While in cricket, you have to analyze each and every delivery or if its IPL, tell the whole world about the MRF blimp hanging in the sky. Thus, making the job of commentators tougher and more professional!

6. Cricketers get full clothes to wear along with safety gears like helmet, pads, ell guard, chest guard. While footballers only get a small nicker to wear. Thus clearly showing that cricketers are richer and very well fed!

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7. In terms of weekly salary to players, IPL is ranked No.2 in the world after NBA, while EPL is at 4. Again showing cricketers are richer than footballers!

8. Talking about popularity, here is some stats- Total population of 32nations participating in football: 1541millions. Population of just 3 cricket frantic nations (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh): 1572millions. Clearly, cricket is popular among more people!

9. The word “football” is not even recognized worldwide (in USA, football means rugby!) while there no such confusion with cricket.

10. Football doesn’t enjoy the privilege of three different formats.

11. Nobody would disagree on this. Cricket is by far the gentlest of gentlemen’s game when compared with football.

That was a desperate attempt of cricket fan to put cricket is the same league as football. But we all know what the reality is. Cricket is still a sport played by handful of nations. The revenue generated by ManU alone is more than total revenue of all IPL teams multiplied by 10. Even in its religious hub India, the capacity-wise largest stadium is not of cricket, but of football.

One could only hope that one day cricket would beat football! For the time being, Kookuburra is too small in comparison with Jabulani!!