Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Supper

Across the busy traffic of the early evening circulating through the network of ring roads, the Chief with a bevy of dark onyx eyed progeny kept cursing, his wife dutifully listening as she sat by. The juniors aged 2 to 8 were playing upon the bed. The eldest one was acting as teacher. She taught her siblings how to jump, how to handle a pencil and paint without spilling. Lately the kids have learnt to appreciate the unique taste of blood. They particularly liked human blood. The eldest of them have started to distinguish between blood of a veggie and that of a non-veggie. She would temp kids of the veggie household onto her side, always kept them busy and became red with anger the moment she sees another non-veggie trying to cozy up with them.
A knock came on the door and the eldest one immediately responded by calling out ‘RP’ aloud. She jumped off and ran toward the door. The manner in which she knew the identity of the visitor was not human, but that was not a matter of wonder to the householders, or to the just arrived group of adults.
They glided in and settled upon the furniture set in circle.
The Chief was still unable to get over the trauma that darkened his psyche since the coming of the one in a networking site, which according to him was all but an attempt to eclipse and humiliate him. He had stopped cursing and murmuring, yet he was still boiling inside when RP ordered his comrades to place the trophies on the table. The smell of blood emanating from the lid of the bottle told the Chief that this could be a turning point in his life. He looked at his wife, who understandably stole out from the pack and joined her kids. She was beaming with pride on the manner how comrades took good care of her husband. She loves to join her kids play games. And when she jumped over the bed, her youngest child told her to not create a stir, so that the game could continue undisturbed. She forgot everything that happened behind her in the living room.
R P made sure that not a drop was wasted as he was filling the varied sizes of canisters laid upon the table.
MP was ceremoniously relating the way how he lifted a hammer over the head of the innocent: “I could feel intensity with which the atmosphere was charged. Yes!! The atmosphere was highly charged with hatred. Even the Roman senate was raged with anger not because of the royal imcompetence. Rome could not relish the idea of a statesman shining. Even Delhi wassn't ready to see an insignificant someone basking in the SUN. I could smell the existence of an opportunity to advance my ambition, which incited me to take the decision” he said.
“Even I found it hard, and comrates I almost faltered, due to which I prayed silently, ‘Father, this is my hour of sadness. I commit my life unto thee. But if thou wilt, thou wouldst turn this cup away from me’ ".
Saying this MP had a bead of sweat on his forehead.
And he continued, “But I saw no sign, and I went ahead. Comrades, I did fell a giant innocent. And when I drank deep from his anguish, behold I was changed!!!”
He then continued with more of the stories, “About the same time that night, when I had enough of the pure blood…” lifting a cup each on his hands, he paused for a while before he carried on the ceremony, “ I knew that the blood was a tonic, a life line, worth sharing with colleagues and comrades. But I was at a lost as to how the powerful one would prevail”
Then he handed over the two cups one to RP and another to GP, and as he slowly picked up the rest of the cups, continued, “And now we have a wonderful moment to draw life at the expense of the innocent one” He then handed over the cup in his right hand to the chief thus retaining the other cup for himself.
Thereafter he turned his gaze upward and said, “Comrades, I beseech you to drink from your respective cups. This is a pure blood, an innocent blood, a blood that would give you the power to change people’s mind. Drink to your heart’s content so that you may remember the manner how I gathered a steady multitude of following since I first drank it seven years ago”
Silently they all drank deep from their respective cups.
The silence was again broken by MP himself with a chant: “Oh Mighty one, God of the Stubborn egoists, Upholder of Prejudice, Slayer of Talent, Lord of the Pretenders, The ultimate mobilizer of the Parasites, In whose service we wrested the stands, the dias, The files and the entire sanctuaries of the Holy Trinity, For the execution of whose command, We commissioned armies of blood thirsty opportunists, Oh Mighty one, Let the power of this blood spill like wild fire, And before the Lambs could turn to leave, Let them blood thirsty comrades, Over run the length and breadth of the land of milk and honey!!" Amen!! Amen!! Amen!!