Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Rich Dad

How’s your rich dad, you fortunate one,
Living on two square meals a day.
He worked hard for a good life.
With emotion he confided his concerns,
He must’ve held a concept even of happiness,
Alas! He'd never mentioned it, nor had I asked.

Did I see you driving a lambo,
Wooing greatness with speed?
I doubt that such idling and revving of cash,
Can make a rock star of you,
And the gallons of wasted fuel,
Will ever translate into bliss.

The nightly party and drowning spree,
That never makes you free,
Even as you splurge so much money.
They say it's chic and trendy,
Aren’t you just a five star beggar,
Asking for plastic wows and wahs?

But when you are tired of your ways,
And are ready to sit and reflect?
Together we can start business,
Bring changes and create a future,
Karma, destiny, these are just bakwash,
If you have the courage to believe!