Saturday, October 27, 2012

We Wrestled: All Night Long

It was around 11 PM on Thursday night, the 25th October, 2012. A leaflet containing a list of 21 points landed in my hands. That’s for the first round of entreaty. These are points to last for at least 2 and a half hours. And the points enunciated was detailed, which of course leaves space for being elaborate in the actual execution.
To wrestle with God we have seven hours over the 21 points plus personal confessions and the expression of concern for the social and political issues. That’s quite a task! Almighty God is on the other side of the communication line though.
Except for the soft drone of exhaust fans dispelling carbon dioxide the atmosphere in the well lit Church basement was tranquil. Initially I was apathetic to the issue of the upcoming annual conference being prayed for. In fact I'd never expected 40 disciples to turn up. 
The 21 points within which the highlights ranging from the main speaker, the translator, the devotion leaders, the elders of the conference, the presentation of the Annual Report and administration of ordination and commissioning were encapsulated slowly made sense to me.
The fact that the duty of song leaders comes with opportunities liable to be misused calls for divine intervention. Similarly, the management and direction of choirs being presented before the spectators live, leaves room for intrusion of the evil one. So is election of all sorts, commissioning and ordination, the use of equipments, the weather, the hosting of, the delegates in and the beneficiaries of conferences of a large scale like the annual khawmpi lian of the EBCC in Lamka or of the Presbetarian Synod in Aizawl not free from the potential danger posed by the various departments of Satan’s syndicate. Hence the need to wrestle with Jehovah all night long.
James had wrestled with God and earned a new name. Truly night time is the right time for having fellowship with God even for the apostle Paul and Silas whence they got their freedom.
I had had a full dose of sleep since the departure of my brother’s family 24 hours ago. I was satisfied with the manner I help them during their stay in Delhi. God willing they’ll be reaching Manipur on Sunday the 28th October. So I was feeling fresh. Having myself equipped with these I was able to analyze everyone of the 21 points let alone grasp.
Soon I realized that my initial reaction on hearing about the scheduled night long prayer was immature.
I started to feel that the prayer might pick up tempo or it might not. It’s the act of physically showing concern that matters..