Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hit95fm Live and Rocking!

At a time the death of Jacintha Saldanha left Mel Greig and Michael Christian shattered, gutted, heartbroken, when all at King Edwards VII’s Hospiral and Southern Cross Austereo are mourning the tragic loss of a 46-year-old nurse, mother-of two, as Australia’s 2dayFM radio’s dream of presenting news on what Kate Middleton, Prince William, Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth and the entire British Royal family expecting a royal child, goes haywire, it’s not an altogether weird experience getting featured in an FM radio’s website.
An inadequately utilized apple iphone of my Jackie Chan sized friend’s refusal to click pictures, offers a job to my 2MP nokia supernova 7210. The moment I click the send botton, Amit Kumar from HIT 95 fm radio loses no time. And when pop goes me in the web I saw one more break. Thanks Hit95fm !
Bottom of Form 1
HIT Listener- Lianpu Tonsing

by Hit95

The retrofitted music system in my old car allowed me to access radio bbc that comes through the short wave. I followed the events in Egypt, Libya and Syria. And when my car stereo got stolen I started to sing while driving. Even after using a new car, I can’t access the short wave signal. Whether the new car provides no such facility or I am not acquainted with the inbuilt audio system, heaven only knows! Even the dudes in car parts shops don’t know what a short wave mean. And then something happened. I bumped upon a music channel which according to me is live and rocking!!! Today 95 fm plays permanently in my car. Hi every body I’m hooked and lovin’ it!