Friday, October 16, 2015

Nepal Mission Field

The details of report for the month of September, 2015 from the Nepal Mission Field is given below:

24th Field Conference 2015 completed without any problem  After EBC Nepal Missions Field was entitled to hold a conference, the 24 Field Conference was held at Birtamode  on 29 & 30 September, 2015. Rev. K. Kamchinkhup, Director of Ministries, EBC served spiritual food based on the theme of "A Christian Family Acceptable to God". All the sermons were appropriate for the local condition and enjoyable. Hymns were sang instead of the traditional ones which served to test the viability of applying the under production Nepali version of the normal song books.
During the Business Hour, the conference resolved on the following:

1.            A budget of Rs. 30 lakh (Nepali) was passed which includes pay and allowances of the regular workers and is planned to be generated from the Church members.
 2.           Two Upas/elders , Elder Yogendra Bazgai and Shyam Rai were ordained.
3.            Co-opting and declaration of 6 New Fellowships under NEBC
4.            Plan for establishment of at least 2 field stations in West Nepal during the year 2016. 
5.            Speedy completion of the Church and quarters building under construction and taking steps to own Church building by those not yet having one.
6.            Granting of permission to elect upa/elder to 5 villages during the year 2016.
7.            Pastor Tikaram Thapa and family was felicitated by the conference with a memento for having sponsored 3 native missionaries.
8.            Scrutiny and adoption of Audit reports. Auditors are assigned from Field Offices to various villages which is also re-checked in the Field office itself before laying before the conference.
9.            In spite of the conference being planned only for delegates, the final head count came to 113
With God's kindness and the unstinted prayers from the Churches of EBCC, the conference was completed even as there was so much of consternation and unrest in Manipur and Nepal. Special thanks to God and the praying fellow Churches.

II. Christians always thriumph in prayer Nepal has promulgated a new constitution on September 20, 2015. Various theories are floated in this connection. One such theory believes that backed by the Indian Hindus, some elements in the Nepali society tried to make the country a Hindu nation. The obvious target being the Christians, the need for a lot of prayer was felt by the Mission Field.
1.            Nepal has a Federal Democratic Secular state  Opposing the existence of a secular state, the orthodox Hindus conducted campaigns . But the more they tried the more they failed. Because the campaigns only served to show the fact that a large mass of the populace was not Hindus. Each and every community asserted their respective beliefs. A plebiscite showed a two-thirds majority aspiring a secular state. We owe a depth of gratitude to the Lord for giving us religious freedom. 
 2.           Threats to Christians  One night before the promulgation of the Nepali Constitution, the Hindu Morch Nepal placed 4 bombs in the Churches, 2 of which went off. Fortunately  there was no death or injury.  The Morcha spread the word that the locals Christians should return to the Hindu fold and missionaries should go back and that refusal would invite large scale violence and death. They warned that the Churches be burned down. The Church members held fervent prayers and believers at various places also interceded the almighty God. As a result such violence as apprehended, did not occur. Instead the police arrested three of the leaders of activists who placed bombs in the Churches.
 3.           Increase in number of Believers  Contrary to the apprehension of a Hindu backlash against the imposition of religious freedom, a high class family from pathari NEBC commit themselves to God and burned their magic ornaments on October 2, 2015. Similarly on October 3, 2015 a family committed themselves to God.

 III. Workers Performance: In the midst of trouble and turmoil at home and abroad, God continued to manifest itself in miracles. The performance of the workers performance during the current month may be stated as follows:-

 A. Concerning the people :- (1). Village reached = 41, (2). House Visit =148, (3). People reached= 138; (4). Counseling = 53; (5). New tithes= 13 ; (6). Pray for sick= 67, (7). Faith promise = 13; (8). Cottage meeting = 86; and (10) Administration of Baptism=13
Names of New Baptized : 1) Mr. Madhan Chaudhuri (56) of Budhabare; 2) Mrs. Nabani Chaudhuri (50) of Budhabare;  3) Mr. Bikash Chaudhuri (20) of Budhabare;  4) Ms. Srijharna Thamal (23) of Budhabare;  5) Ms. Rose Mary Thamal (16) of Budhabare;  6) Mr. Iman Limbu (21) of Budhabare;  7) Ms. Samir Limbu (18) of Budhabare;  8) Mr. Lanbahadur Karki (68) of Pathari;  9) Mr. Prakash siwa of pathari; 10) Mr. Amber Bahadur; 11) Rai (61) of Gipetar;  11) Mrs. Dilkumari Rai (59) of Gopetar;  12) Mrs. Sonu Rai (32) of Gopetar;  and 13) Mr. Sujan Rai (12) of Gopetar.
(11). Lord's Supper= 6, (12). Newly Married= 2 ; (13).Child dedication = 1; (14). Funeral = 1 ; (15). Area visit = 8 ; and (16) New Converts= 32  
Names of New Converts:  1) Mr. Rambahadur Thebe (51) of Kathmandu;  2) Mrs. Urmila Thebe (45) of Kathmandu;  3) Ms. Roshna Thebe (18) of Kathmandu;  4) Ms. Romisha Thebe (16) of Kathmandu;  5) Ms. Chhojan Thebe (19) of Kathmandu;  6) Ms. Martha Tamang (19) of Kathmandu;  7) Mr. Deva Bahadur maharjan (24) of Harishiddi;  8) Ms. Surjana (27) of Harishiddi;  9) Mr. Gyanbahadur Maharjan of Harishiddi;  10) Ms. Mani Maya Maharjan of harishiddi;  11) Mr. Kuskumar Rai of Imswa;  12) Ms. Suran rai of Imswa;  13) Ms. Sundesh Rai of Imswa;  14) Mr. Iman Limbu of Budhabare;  15) Mr. Kumar Adhikary (41) of Pathari;  16) Mrs. Puja Adhikary (33) of pathari;  17) Mr. Bikash Rai (12) of Bhoise;  18) Mr. Dinesh Rai (15) of Bhoise;  19) Mr. Shusir Rai (24)of Faklung;  20) Mrs. Chandrakumari Rai (25) of Faklung;  21) Ms. Subita Rai (10) of Faklung;  22) Ms. Rammaya Rai (15) of Faklung; 23) Mrs. Padamkumari Rai (51) of Faklung;  24) Mr. Deubhan Rai (50) of Bungrung; 25) Mr. Shandosh Seling of Tanglepa;  26) Mr. Aitaraj Kalikate (49) of Damak; 27) Mrs. Dilmaya Kalikote (46) of Damak; 28) Mr. Kumar adhikari (41) of Pathari; 29) Mrs. Puja Adhikari (33) of pathari;  30) Mr. Abhishek Adhikari (15) of Pathari;  31) Ms. Anisha adhikari (12) of Pathari; and 32) Ms. Sara Swati Adhikari (15) of Pathari.

B. Distribution of Christian Literature: - O.T. = 12 copies; N.T. =74 copies ; Tracts= 700 in number; Comics = 30 books;  and Booklets= 51

The Mission Field looks forward to bring out a Nepali Song Book with Tonic Solfa. The work is still in progress with more than 50% of the songs already written. Revision is going on. It is planned to be completed in the month of October  and proof sent in November 2015. The field welcomes offers from individuals and Churches to pay for the printing expense.