Monday, April 10, 2017

the sayyer

travelled with dir, pj gangadhar and ravender sharma
me: probation report has not been received by me
dir: aayega

Transportation of dead bodies of Members of Parliament, etc. file No. F. 21 (1)/70-Genl. issued with concurrence of MoF (DoE) U.O. No. 2178 SW&K/M/72, dated 2.11.1972

statement of work transacted during 11th session of 16th LS

mhndr signed 5 days

called 4406, released com room E, pha for 12.4.2017 in favour of confidential cell

copy of wg br note sent by cb-II asked for

Cry of the flowers
Tere duniya se door
Hum gaye mazboor
Par hume yaad rakhana zaroor