Monday, February 4, 2008


Everytime I encounter irresponsible drivers, I can't help but vent my anger in some ways- blaring horns, flashing pass lights. Instead of admitting the possibility that at some point or the other, I could have as well been seen as a menace, I use to fuss over the authorities for having shown undue generousity towards unskilled drivers thus putting the entire traffic at risk. As an individual, I wish I have a variety of horns attached to my bike and car to hoot pre-recorded human voices that says 'Arre aw Baba' , 'Kya hua Chacha Chokri', 'Excuse Me', 'Hai koi emergency meeting?', etc. Under the existing system, a number of driving schools are operating in the country. Whoever enrolls with such institutes are given some training and a Drivers Licence arranged for them accordingly. Somewhere the system must be flawed. Because there are too many drivers, specially women drivers, on the roads whose possessing the adequate skill to drive are doubtful. Automobile companies want to sell their products, banks are eager to sale their products and Governments have no qualms at facilitating the rich companies. So who will solve the problem in the traffic?
A Mother's Prayer
In the midst of a monologue on the traffic woes, I recall a special number from a typical mother, who appeared to have realized, on experiencing motherhood, how mothers have laboured for, cared and nurtured their offsprings. Such situations become emotional moments, outpourings of which leave man breathless. Sample this song titled, 'Ka Nu' Thumna" or "My Mother's Prayer"