Monday, February 18, 2008


The worship service held last Sunday, the 17th February, 2008 was in no way similar with the other worship services held in the Church. Firstly, the audience was mesmerized when a retired Army man belted out a special number, 'Christian te Aw'. Secondly, instead of the pastor or any of the elders, a senior bureaucrat, who have just come back from an assignment in World Bank in Washington was taking the pulpit. The IAS officer, in brown suit, white cameez and red tie, shared a deeply felt sense of worthlessness in the side of God. "I was born again in 1984" he said without a show of prestigious career. His next sentence was turning emotional "But today I still feel that I am not as productive as I ought to be". And I said to myself 'Oh! perhaps this guy has served his Master through humility'