Monday, July 14, 2014

World Cup of Goalkeepers and Substitutes

If Ronaldo failed in the group stage, Messi didn't find a space in the German defence either.
Amid the 8.30 hours time difference between Brazil and India, the FIFA World Cup 2014 sprung up surprises that Delhi was literally left stunned all through the event.
When Arjen Robben’ twisting turns and merciless shots stole the cool out of Iker Casilas, the Spanish Armada seemed to run out of fuel. The awesome symphony of 2010 might still rock, but times are a changing. There is technology, there is genius, intensity and above there is anger. And they raged on. The bloody Dutch!
If talent grows from trees in Brazil, a Mexican cowboy left them stunned. Guillermo Ochoa could have been in any western film playing the honky-tonk man in a Mexican bar. But he had a spirit that's irrepressible for most of the time Mexico plays. And when Neymer, David Luiz and Thiago saw the final whistle with tongues hanging out, he was as fresh as a daisy. Because the FIFA World Cup 2014 is a world cup of Goal Keepers.
When the USA played Belgium Tim Howard made a world cup record of 15 saves. For the entire tournament the performance of Costa Rica's Kaylor Navas was remarkable with 21 saves out of 23 shots.