Monday, June 15, 2015

Missionary Day, the 3rd May, 2015, 11.00 am

Two years ago he was in a hurry. He is still in a hurry. Said he has aged, the gospel can't wait. Among his scripture references like Deuteronomy 11: 26-28 about blessing and curse; 28: 1, 23&24; 1 Samuel 2: 7&8Ps. 75:6&7 about how the Lord lifts up one and suppresses the other; Ps 119: 130Isaiah 9:21 2 Peter 2:9&10 about being chosen;Joshua 13:1 when Joshua was old even as much work remained; Proverb 15:21&24; and his oft quoted verses as Director (Missions) of the Church of Proverbs 24:11 and Jude 1: 23 figured again as Rev. L. Khamkholun spoke on the occasion of the Missionary Day, which is celebrated on the Sunday falling nearest to 10 May of the year. This year the day falls on the on the 3rd May, 2015.
At a time Watkin Roberts, the Wales Missionary, stationed in Aizawl, was in financial distress a friend from England sent 5 pound (one pound is equal to INR 98.91 as on 8.5.2015). He used the money to print the Gospel of John and distributed the copies in the hills. Chief of Senvon Kamkholun Singson showed interest in the contents of the book. He sent for the Missionary to come over and explain the Gospel.  Watkin Roberts considered it a Macedonian Call (Acts 15:-18:22), took two guides, Thangkhai and Lungpau. The team was helped by a Meitei to cross the swollen Raknamkai (Tuivai) river with a rafter. On arrival of the tall and handsome Englishman the natives are said to have ducked and gaped from underneath the bushes.
A pioneer of the Gospel in the Guite Kual, Thangvang (born in 1871)was studying in Aizawl about the same time under the guidance of Rev. D.E. Jones. He preached the Gospel in a Gangte village in 1912 and was subsequently appointed evangelist teacher in 1914 for Guite Kual. There he taught children about the three R's till June, 1915. From July that year onwards, he proceeded to set up a Church. Subsequently the first Church in the Paite inhabited area was planted in the year 1916 in Phaitong village. Thangvang had 5 children, the eldest of whom settled in Gangpimual. Thangvang died on Good Friday, the 15th April, 1960, at the age of 89.
The Paites have benefitted from the Gospel and the accompanying blessing by grabbing high administrative posts in the Government of India. Jelshyam from Teikhang village and Dongzathang from Savaipaih village, who went on to become IAS and IRS officers respectively, are glaring examples.
All these are the results of the sacrifice made by Jesus Christ and His disciples from around the world.
Contribution made for missionary work never go in vain, instead gets accumulated as wealth in Heaven. Earthquakes like the one in Nepal on the 25th of April, claimed so many lives (lost souls) and property. Even buildings in Bangalore, the southern most part of the sub-continent have cracks in them. Even Delhi is said to be in the seismic zone. Hence the need to invest God's Church and Missionary work. Gadgets like computers and phones have become instruments of death. Thus the scripture in Proverbs 24:11, says, "Rescue those being led away to death; hold back those staggering toward slaughter"
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By- Lianpu Tonsing
i/c, Media Team, TBSUC EBCC Delhi