Saturday, July 23, 2016

the absence

Called 9013504547 at 11:19 am. No response. I was helpless. My wife's temperature shot to 100 degree centigrade. Dr. Manoj Kumar Rawat recommended 2 days rest. After dropping her and handing her over to my relative to remind the time for taking medicine, etc. I rushed to office. I couldn't finish the work right there. The MSS was finalized. I wanted to reach home as early as possible.
U called my DS's number once again. I was too late. It was 11:28 pm. I asked that I won't be able to attend to the office work on 22.7.2016 (Friday).
The next day at 10:05 am I received a call from my DS that I should rush to office, that no one understands my papers. There he cut the line. I called up again at 11:28 and 11:42. But I didn't get a response. I was helpless. My wife needed my presence at the moment because she was feeling down.