Wednesday, July 27, 2016

while I remember

a senior executive assistant is deputed to help me and submit my work from next date. As desired by DS whenever I start to brief him about how a question is process he'd interrupt with a question in between, answering which would take away all my time and leave me stranded upon so much papers to dispose.

There is a bunch of three questions on seventh pay commission. i gathered up all relevant papers and gave him ready made to examine in the light of the material/papers.

And I was supposed to train him :-(
 later updates
On 21.7.2016 I took my wife to hospital and back home, left her in the hands of a neighbour to remind the time of taking medicine. I was off to office, completed as much work as possible. Situation was so bad I had to call my ds at 11.19 pm informing him I wouldn't be able to attend office the next day.
The next day I received a call from ds telling me to come and put my work in order. I called back, couldn't get his attention and sent an sms: 
Sir, it is my request to you that you may please condone me for the absence from work today. It is to attend to my wife who is not well, not taking food and is bed ridden. I came with a heavy heart yesterday (21.7.2016) due to exigencies of the work. I feel leaving one's wife in the hands of neighbours is not a good thing. Please excuse me ! - lian
On 3.8.2016 Sh. Shailendra Priyadardhi EO, the supervisory officer of the group/section was transferred unceremoniously at the heat of questions. About 3.00 pm ds came to me while I was sitting with my assistant, pant and whispered in his ear, ‘find starred question number 298’ in a hush hush tone.
Next day i.e. 4.8.2016 (Thursday) a certain mr. vijay kumar, my junior by about one year as EO rode in the room with a swagger and touched my shoulder asking me about starred question number 298. He happened to be the one ordained to take the place of Shri Shailendra Priyadarshi in the section where I was doing submission work.