Monday, September 19, 2016

Please Read Between the Lines

I am thankful about a Senior Executive Assistant posted in E-Group of Question Branch to assist me on 27.7.2016

I belong to the 1998 batch of executive assistants joining the service on 30.10.1998. First in food committee, then I was posted in question branch in 2004 and had been examining questions on ministry of finance ever since till february, 2016, when I was posted in C Group of question branch as EO.

On 12.2.2016 I was transferred to CB-1 mid- session. 10 days later I was brought back to Q Br on 24.2.2016.

On 21.7.2016 my wife was sick with fever. I took her to doctor, dropped back her home asking my neighbors to remind her of the time to take medicine and rushed to office due to urgency of the work. I completed the entire manuscript for 29.7.2016. E Group of question branch is responsible for processing questions for fridays of the sessions, which has to be finalized one week in advance. Back home I had to clean the house, wash dish and clothes. Thereafter I called DS to inform about my plan not to attend office the next day. He said 'dek te hai'. Next day he called me, reprimanded me about the impoliteness of tele-calls at the dead of night. He also told me that no one understood my questions and I should reach the office immediately. I couldn't leave my ailing wife in the hands of neighbors anymore.

On 3.8.2016 (Wednesday) Shri Shailendra Priyadarshi E.O. in charge of  E-Group was transferred to Conference Branch. At 3 pm DS asked the assistant posted to assist me about starred question number 298 for discussion on 5.8.2016. The question was misssing, which I had been trying to locate since the day before.

Again on 4.8.2016 Vijay Kumar, E.O. swept in with a swagger and asked me about starred question number 298 again. My junior by one year, Vijay Kumar, EO happened to be the one ordained to take charge of E-Group of question branch.

Today 19.9.2016 Vijay Kumar, EO told me in the morning about my deployment in CGA Branch as assistant

I was taking charge of C-Group from February, 2015 to February, 2016. Yet I was not allowed to go through the CRs if the staff of that Group.