Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Deployment

I was told by staff from CGA on 19 & 20 September, 2016 that Ms Vineeta, E.O. was on leave till 21 September, 2016. On 22 September, 2016 the staff told me at 2.30 PM that she had not yet joined. I dialled extension number 5628 of Laksmikanta, DS of CGA who me that Vineeta's father-in-law expired and it is not clear how long she would take to rejoin office. He also said he'll check out the matter of deployment from the Branch people.

I have to take leave tomorrow. Arun Kumar, US is on leave. I called up Ramesh Lal Addl Director at extension number 5625. He told me to keep the application pending till my return from leave.