Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Discrepancies in Tour Bill File 28.3.2018

Minutes correction carried out- file sent to Director.

Attendance sheets sent to MSA Branches.

Lop with fair OM approved and got the hard copy issued on denial of receiving in hand.

Memo no. 4 already with Dir. JS has not done his bit in FTS. Rest of work on Monday.

Refreshment bill on 8.3.2018 approved and payment bill certified.

Some discrepancies in Tour Bill on Madurai- members and officials detected by Dshna

She asked me. I explained. And she discussed something else with bg. Unfriendly gestures. Useless to try to explain.
There is a figure about conference that they politely asked me to explain. On scrutiny I found that an amount of Rs. 4037 each was entered against two bills (high tea and water bottles) I clubbed with the bill regarding conference. I rechecked my drafts and found that I had changed the figure from 4037/- to 17100/- but not carried out. Prety might have forgotten the correction. I totally neglected the same. I should have cross checked the fresh print with the draft. I didn't ! My fault. But these intelligent people, how are they working?