Monday, March 26, 2018

The business of death once again

As reasoned by Dr. Langkham in the wake of burial of mortal remain of Nengdoupau:-
Dik kimlou mai thei hilele kana muhdan kon gelh - Lessons learnt at Dawrka Cemetery.
1. Only churches who paid membership can do burial. Remember you membership No or Have a copy ready in hand
2. A prescribed request form is to be filled
3. Medical certicate of death copy
4. Pastor's letter in letterhead with shield
5. Dead person's identity proof copy. Address of residence is also reqd.
6. Deceased's near relative with I card copy
7. Fee of Rs 3500
8. Pastor who bury must sign the register and his phone number needed and  I card may also  be needed for verification
9. Cost of the cross is extra.
10. Size of coffin / coffin cover must be of standard size (not bigger)
11.  All essential docs must be ready in hand and be accepted/ verified at cemetry office before burial cerwmony is conducted
12. Death certicate etc may be required at different points and so a its good to have a few xeroxed copies handy with those who handle the dead body at different  stages.