Thursday, June 2, 2016

File Registers

Part I - Admitted Questions; Disallowed Questions; Withdrawn & Lapsed; SNQ; and Half-an-Hour Discussion
Part II - SNQ; Important Notes Received from Ministries; Branch Publications like departmental decisions, subject-wise various demarcation of responsibilities Ministries/Departments, brochure regarding selection of questions and answers, rules and observations from the chair, observation from the house of commons, precedents register, statistical pamphlets, brochure on statutory corporations/companies and other bodies GoI has interest, branch procedure and practice, brochure of questions from lok sabha, procedure on question hour in parliament; Commencement of the Session like allotment of days for answering question and issue of paragraph in bullitin reg., chart showing date of ballot and last date of receipt of notices of questions, correspondence with member, forwarding advance copies of questions to ministries/departments, ballot for determining priority of questions, ballot of non-members who give notices of half-an-hour discussion, fixation of half-an-hour discussion, postponment of half-an-hour discussion para in part-I of bulletin
Part III - Preparation of Chamber Sets; Correction of Incorrect Replies; Printing of List of Questions; Weeding out of Old Files; Practice and Procedure; Conference Notes/Comments; Research; Administrative Matter; Reports and Returns; Miscellaneous