Monday, June 20, 2016

indices of admitted questions

indices of admitted questions completed and placed on selen's table. He told me that DS's leave is further extended for another week and the file is better put up next monday.


Subject: Index of Admitted Questions

Indices of Admitted Questions and replies on Ministry of Finance are prepared. The indices are sorted into 8 broad divisions of (i) Stock, Investment & Public Asset Management; (ii) Pay and Pensions; (iii) Currency and Coinage; (vi) Direct Taxes; (v) Black Money; (vi) Indirect Taxes and Gold; (vii) Economic Growth; and (viii) States.

It is observed that as on 8.6.2016 there are so much short comings in the replies uploaded in the Lok Sabha website. Some replies are uploaded without annexure, some replies are silent on specific points while in some replies, the words are corrupted and appear with multiple notes of interrogations (?????). Some replies are not uploaded at all.