Monday, August 8, 2016

PF Music

The reason why I love pink Floyd (PF) music is simply because it is mostly composed by a person who is virtually illiterate (yet who is a connoisseur of sorts ) in music. He is known for his devotion to details and non-compromising stance on quality.

Roger Waters could have been a normal run of a musician in which case the world would have been deprived of ‘shine on you crazy diamond’ and ‘the walls’. As the band progressed, band mates lost patience in his genius a million times more than he lost patience on Syd Barrett. When things were just not working out in accordance with normal human expectation, he yielded to the murmurs of team mates. Syd was out and David Gilmour was in.

In fact even after the departure of Syd, Waters is said to have worked with him side by side in the new studio he helped set up.

As I was made to believe...

One of the best guitarists in the world, Gilmour must be having role models, drawn inspiration from various artists which might easily have included Waters himself. But to the extent that he conformed to the ways of the banal, he lost patience with the genius who created him. He took over the mantle and Waters had to leave. May be all Watery visions and inspirations were already spent by that time.

An American rockstar might have flaunted a middle finger and with the ‘f’ word spluttering in his mouth. The Englishman didn’t mind. He quietly left. And the band continued to play the already created PF music on the same template Syd and Waters worked so hard upon.

A part from bank rolling the dividends of the old generation’s genius, the new line up didn’t bring up much of a master piece (or is it not known much?) Even fans might have expected or legitimately deserved works equivalent to the Walls for the time.

As time passed the music has turned more and more Gilmourist and seems to lost creativity. But the inherited property is still more than enough to row them to the world with fame, fortune and wealth. Even without so much of added creativity.

However if the trend continues, a day may come when we have to contend with covers of Bryan Adams in PF gigs J