Friday, November 4, 2016

consumer affairs


Subject: Posting/transfer.

The following postings/transfers are made with immediate effect:·

4. Shri Dong Lianthang Tonsing, Executive Officer

from Question Branch to FCA&PD
Branch(es )/Officer(s )/Person(s) concerned.

List of points

surveys about effectiveness of consumers' awareness campaigns
Any deterrence against Real estates frauds
cctv footage in the absence of receipts/bills         
statewise consumer protection units
roping religious institutions
achievement of consumer protection goals be made a benchmark for state transfers as recommended in finance commissions
sharing of burden between centre and states on spending on infrastructure, members/staff and support staff in consumer courts and fora
where fora are either not functioning or have vacant posts of presidents and members
steps taken or proposed to avoid sloppy prosecution and avoid appeals in higher courts and tribunals
break-up of central funds utilized for plan and non-plan state-wise during each of the last years and the current year
what about OCMs in farflung areas or where internet problems exists
break-up of cases related to goods and services in the consumer courts and fora
grahak suvidha kendras in bengaluru, ahmednagar, jaipur, patna, kolkata. Any plans to expand?
Strengthening of Consumer Fora phase-II. details of each projects/schemes taken up and status thereof? whether ready panel maintain to take care of situations of vacancy of the posts of president and members in consumer fora? practice of engaging lawyers in consumer courts ? frequent adjournment taken care of by section 13 (3A) of the consumer protection amendment bill, 2001. cases to be disposed of within 90 days from the date of receipt of notice by the opposite party and if lab test is needed, within 150 days. percentage of cases disposed of within stipulated time in state commission and district fora?
Price Stabilisation Fund. utilisation, storage and distribution last 3 and current year. Management Committee (of PSF) composition. whether any such committee at state level ?
On receiving calls in consumer helpline what is the next course of action? Who run such helplines, the ngos or the government agencies ? the mode of financing, centre:state ratio 50:50 and for special category states and NE 75:25
difference between online case monitoring system and online case management system (confonet) ? names of the fora where the system has started functioning.