Wednesday, November 23, 2016

new age arrangement

AN-II used to provide casual labours (CLs) for branches on demand. Not anymore. All CLs have already been attached with either branches or officers directly connected with the session. There must have been prejudices. The advice comes about like, 'you must be having senior officers who are allotted CLs whom you may make use of for specific tasks'. That's how presentation of 7th report of the committee on computerization of tpds was accomplished through the good office of Shri Bhola Singh, MP. Attendant took the help of delhi police posted in parliament premises to take him and the cyclostyled copies of the report to PPR, Library and Publication Counter- 'jugaad'

A question arises as to how presentation to Hon'ble Speaker is done. with or without the cyclostyled copies sent to library, ppr and publication counter ?

Have to send attendance register to Director from tomorrow onwards.

As expected since some days, hygia changed defective air sterilizer purchased through flipkart. Thank God !

thought for the day-

We all wept like Khaijamang was our own brother
His mother might not be sadder than any of us
That's what it seemed in September
Then there were clouds turning mysterious
And attempts to bury bodies of the martyrs
Even as they take decision we said 'no'
It might have been unreasonable for some
To weep over spilt milk
In our eyes they have no compunction
Nor mercy, nor affection and no love
Now we are in the brink of another election
Pitted against the rotten system 
We may not be victorious working together
But amidst us there are elements 
That work in sinister secrecy
Shooting straight from the dark
In the name of welfare, reformation and nation !