Wednesday, December 7, 2016

the combined

4404 (11.20 am) to 4406 (11.22 am- narender) to 4408 (11.25 am chhabra) and back to 4404. Chaudhary and Pawan in a meeting. 'call after an hour' from 11.43 am.

5.40 pm: check out tomorrow- DS

filed sent at 11.50 am to AD.

12.18 PA to dfa walked handed over attendance register of the committee sittings during the 15th LS

thought of the day:-

a track by a gospel rock band of the 80s saying, doite nekding kihawmta, Jesu hongpai, nang hong ki nusia ta. demons/ghosts jostle for prey, Jesus had come, and you... are... left behind.