Monday, December 26, 2016

old ones surrendered

Casual Messenger Dharam Veer appeared at 11.20 am, 4 pcs surrendered to Computer (Hardward) Management Branch 5290 & 5455 (Poonam and Rawat), 2 still in used pcs and a xerox machine despatched to oh nine.

4126 no response, Vishank, Wipro told to install.

Naresh's probation report for ad to see received.
corrected pages of first chapter of atr collected from Chairman's staff for sending to tr branch.

ATR file returned to Chairman's.

A minefull of files deep in a corner. all computers in oh nine installed. notice board and portraits still left in 338. probation report sent through AN-I man coming to obtain sign.
parallel line for existing ext numbr 5709 and one new line with parallel line asked for.

resume of work; quarterly statement; circulation of document on e-portal; journal of parliamentary info; paperless office.