Thursday, December 29, 2016

last working day of the year

pr and bg on leave

10.46 am mhndr took note to wg for booking of room no 53 ph wholeday, call from dir at 1.55 pm and revised note (as agreed with jai bhagawan 4406) with revised notice for 9.1.2017 with requisition to D-Branch sent at 4.10 pm.

mhndr came back with a plea: issuing is too late for d-br

vivek came later with the file where dir edited, 'in partial modification of  this sect notice of even number dated 29 december, 2016, the .... to be held on 6 january, 2016 ... postponed...will now be held on ....' :-(
need endorsement page in page two, not raised

5.15 pm, call from dir asking contact number of pa to swami sakshiji maharaj, mp. I don't.