Sunday, January 29, 2017

room booking


10 february - e pha banquet hall
15 february - e pha tea corner
3 march       - e pha tea corner
6 march       - b pha banquet hall

attendance sheets to msa branches
12th report queries resolved, sent to printing

bg's leave appl recommended

ministry called for annexure in hindi atrs

minutes file forwarded to ad

10.39 am: materials from ministry on dfg to wait till evening
recording of file on draft atr of dfpd on dfg (2014-15) recorded as b category for life

points to note:-

(1) authenticated copies of reports alongwith entry and formula, bound to LS and RS TOs oneday before presentation
(2) Chairman to decide when and who to present the report. File not yet submitted.

Letters for ad and sk chaudhary redirected and communication from dofpd reg. procurement centres given to dshna

thought of the day:-
instead of unsubstantiated remarks, why not call jewellery association of india wrt hallmarking?