Monday, January 2, 2017

Faired, unfaired

hrsh: dir coming. 1 pm personally brought file to dir the faired notice turned into draft.

status of tour bills settlement and resume of work

3 pm 5585 hrsh: dir with js, will get bck to u once 'e is back.

journal of parliamentary info kept pending for 19.1.2017

sat 10 mints dir walked in with samm, noted, 'notice withdrawn from d-br, revised drft fr apprvl' ( of js)

note from cb-I reg. resignation of mithun chakraborty, mp (rs)

vvk back with d-br form and notc - 5.30 pm
about the words, 'parliament house' no correction !
5.35 call from dir. bad timing !

car battery problem, called mahipal yadav at 6.17 pm, took help of driver surjit, also manoj from ms br, car starts still left in office to be on safer side.