Thursday, March 23, 2017


Cmpetent Maya cng man off

10.30 AM 5585 lunch, 10.45 AM icps trg from 27.3.2017 to 10.4.2017
As the canteen is dismantled and lunch is served only in rooms in PHA, I expressed interest in taking lunch in director's room.

I was told to fill up a form for training under icps that requires photo and entry of residence address. When I question, Mr. Wadhwa teased me, 'why not fill up your wife's office address"

While I was with him director called ad and told him of the same.

The training is organized by Ms Swati Palwal, EO and Mr Anunay Kumar SEA as dealing hand.

No. 2857 dt 23.2.2017 for 6839.00; 2825 dt 17.2.2017 for 1260; 3439 dt. 24.1.2017 for 2853.50; and 3590 dt 17.2.2017 for 3292.50 ; 3589 dt 17.2.2017 for 2853.50