Monday, March 13, 2017

Dedicated Branch

Just before or just after presentation of the reports of Parliamentary/Standing Committees, the secretariat of the committees sends 100 copies in English and 50 copies in Hindi of the report/s to Press and Public Relations (PPR) branch; 50 English and 25 Hindi to Publication Counter; and 10 English and 5 Hindi to Library Acquisition Branch. All such branches are located in Parliament House.

Unless there is sufficient number of manual labours like attendant, casual labours or casual messengers, chances are that the copies of the reports may not reach the rightful places. Such manual labours and vehicle drivers are in the hands of Administration Branch (AN-II). As such the committee branches are virtually in the hands of AN-II Branch.

The copies of the reports are got resographed in Distribution Branch (D-Branch), which is also responsible for circulation of materials to the residences of members in Delhi and also circulation of documents and return of office copies to the concerned branches.

A question arises as to why not the D-Branch be mandated to see that the reports for presentation/just presented reach PPR, Publication and Library in sufficient numbers.

If the above suggestion is not plausible, an entirely new branch to take care of such matters need to be created.