Sunday, March 19, 2017


105: fire control room
Mhndr to D Br, Bg attendance sheet for 17.3.2017 for LS and RS
Call from Chairman's asking for formula. Told about where the same is.
Approved HS note at 11.50 am
Hindi version of Minutes of the meeting on 17.3.2017 at 11.51 am
Bg's application for cs exams at 12.06 PM from AN-II
Fire Testing of entire Building at 12.20 PM
call from coord cell about e-portal 12.35 PM (ph attended by dshna)
new line 21410223 delivered, working, also parallel (already asked in the note) mentioned verbally
Lok Sabha Internship Programme - 2016-17 from SRI 3.00 PM
Circulation of all documents/papers/reports to members in electronic form through e-Portal meant for Members put up 3.11 PM