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May 17, 2015

A Sunday after celebration of Mothers' Day, Pastor Biakson gave a sermon about mothers once over again. In fact the theme for the month is "Nute leh Pi-le-Pute" meaning mothers and grand parents. This time the pastor emphasized the role of mothers in the upbringing of children.
Every woman wants to be a precious and wise mother. But when some fundamental elements of wife's duty toward her husband is missing, they fail to shine as mothers. Such mothers are simply shocked about their progenies' indiscipline and wayward behavior.
There is an expected template of husband-wife relationship upon which parenting ought to be carried on the Christian way.
The Holy Bible emphasizes the virtue of women whose humility and consistency were so remarkable that such women had the potential to convince even unbelieving husbands into believing. A wife who is good in all respects is naturally a good mother. In the contemporary society, outside beauty acquired through jewellery and other adornments is over emphasized in the disregard of inner beauty, which is the one and only beautiful thing before God.
Jacobed was married to her brother's son and out of the marriage Aron and Moses were born. Then came Pharoah's order that all of male babies be killed. While many parents failed to realize the preciousness of their progenies and melted away under the threat of Pharoah's orders, Jochebed accorded first priority to the safety and security of her child Moses. In fact Moses' greatness is testimony to her mothers' tireless devotion. She trained and brought up him and instilled the spirit of love for the nation. Therefore even as he was in the midst of the riches and splendour of Egypt, Moses never forget his roots and his identity. Eventually he gathered the courage to leave Egypt thus ascribing greatness to his mother Jochebed.
As long as a mother is strong, she is bound to reap similar benefits as enjoyed by Jochebed.
Another biblical example of a virtuous woman is Hannah, one of the wives of Elkanah. God shut her womb. Peninnah, the other wife of Elkanah looked down upon her, drove her to the point of losing her patience and denouncing her principle. She cried out to God.
God had counted the tear drops that Hannah cried in Shiloh, broken.
After crying tears in brokenness, Hannah was given a son. And as she had promised, she dedicated her son, Samuel to the service of God. Great sacrifice for today's standard!
Every mother appreciates full time ministry, but the number of mothers committing their kids to full time ministry is dwindling. Instead some of them misdirected the kids who show signs of interest towards the gospel.
God wants every mother to be like Jochebed and Hannah.
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11.00 am and 4.00 pm Pentecost Day Celebration.
By- L/Upa Lianpu Tonsing
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