Friday, June 19, 2015

Sermon of Rev. (retired) Thanglian on 6.6.2015

At 4.00 pm Rev. (retired) Thanglian took the dais at EBCC Delhi. The septuagenarian had been on stage two times in the past. His delayed homeward journey was God's way of communicating His will to him. He spoke about the vanity of Christian deeds not based on the love of Jesus Christ. He took the case of a seething elder in the Church whose contribution in the construction of the Church building was not sufficiently acknowledged, said the Church ought to be an organism and not a social organization. In contrast to apostle Paul's affection for the Church of Philippi, the Church of Corinthians were said to have been notorious for their lack of the Love of Christ and ultimately their arrogance.

Paul was put in judicial custody in an unfair manner on flimsy charges.  The charges stemmed from an intramural religious debate.

EBC Church like the Corinthians, is not rooted in the love of Christ. Delhi is witness to cases of live-in relationships. The spiritual highs and harmonious music of praise, the prophecy, mysteries and knowledge and the faith strong enough to remove mountains, are nothing in the absence of love as stated in 1 Corinthians 13:2.

That a Church's platform has come under much abuse is pointed out by the retired reverend by highlighting the possibility or tendency of young boys or girls joining choruses just because of their someone special joining.

There was spiritual revival in Wales (England) in 1904-05 which is no more in the modern time with a good number of Church Buildings being abandoned. It is found that materialism; hero worship; and laymen's power wielding tendency, cause the decadence in Christianity. The speaker wondered whether the attitude of indifference to one another could have been the by-product of such apostasy in the contemporary Church. Even in in Kamkatung Church, on an average only 1000 parishioners attend the Church services against the total population of 4000.