Wednesday, June 24, 2015

tsp dated 29.11.2011

LOK SABHA SECRETARIAT PARLIAMENTHOUSEANNEXE, NEWDELHI-110001. Dated the 29th December,2011 Pausa 08, 1933(Saka). OFFICEORDERPART·II No. 22458 Subject: Time Scale Placement to the pay band of Rs. 15600·39100 (PB·3) + Grade Pay Rs.5400. The following Senior Executive/Legislative/Committee/Protocol Assistants in the pay band of Rs. 9300·34800(PB·2) + Grade Pay Rs.4800are placed in the Pay Band of Rs. 15600·39100(PB·3) + Grade Pay Rs.5400with effect from 29.12.2011under the Time Scale Placement Scheme introduced vide R&CSOrder No. PDA·1240/2011dated 04.05.2011:· SI.No. Name 1. Smt. Vinod Kumari Khurana 2. Smt. Manju Rawat 3. Shri Rakesh Kumar Khanna 4. Shri Jose L. Thawn Khan Lian 5. Shri Kh. Ginlal Chung 6. Shri Gulshan Kumar 7. Shri Uttam Chandra Ray 8. Shri Dong Lianthang Tonsing 9. Shri Ani! Kumar Sanwaria 10. Shri Nagendra Suman 11. Shri Lutkhongam Singson 12. Smt. Naresh Kumari 13. Smt. Lakhbir Kaur 14. Smt. Anussuyya U.B.S.NEGI DIRECTOR -2- No.PF.337-R(3)/AN-1I2011 Datedthe 29th December,2011 Pausa08, 1933(Saka). Copyto: 1. ThePayand Accounts Officer, Lok Sabha. 2. The DGACR,Concurrent Audit (P)Branch. 3. Principal Secretaryto Hon'ble Speaker. 4. PrivateSecretaryto Hon'ble Speaker. 5. OSDto Hon'ble Speaker. 6. SPSto Secretary-General. 7. JD(PSS)/PS/SPAto AdditionalSecretaries. 8. JD (PSS)/SPSs/PSs/SPAs/PAsto Joint Secretaries. 9. All Officers/All Branches. 10. Persons concerned. They should note that consequent on their Time Scale Placement, they will be entitled to financial benefits of pay fixation as in the case of normal promotion. No further financial benefits will accrue to them, if they get actual promotion in the normal course on occurrence of the vacancy(ies). They are also required to exercise option for fixation of pay in terms of R&CS Order No. PA-358189dated 09.11.1989read with R&CS Order No. PA-46112008dated 04.09.2008,R&CS Order No. PA-46312008dated 27.10.2008and R&CS Order No. PA-47012009 dated 20.04.2009 within one month from the date of issue of this Order. (SANJAY SETHI) UNDERSECRETARY